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Orange Tulip Scholarships for Koreans

Grants 18 February 2010, 11:15

Orange Tulip Scholarship for academic talents from Korea who come to study in Holland on Master's programmes.The Orange Scholarship Programme is unique among Dutch scholarships offered to Korean students.

Orange Tulip Scholarship is established for academic talents from Korea who come to study in Holland on Master's programmes.

According to the  Netherlands Embassy deputy head , the Orange Tulip Scholarhip is the very first scholarship programme that is sponsored by some notable and well known Dutch universities and companies and designed for Korean students only.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme will provide a unique opportunity for academic talents in Korea to study in Holland and experience the international environment that the Netherlands offers.

Strengthening cooperation This programme is a result of a memorandum of understanding signed last year between the two countries for the purposes of strengthening cooperation in higher education.

"Since then, Nuffic Neso Korea has been acting as a bridge between the two countries through all kinds of activities that stimulate educational exchange."

Up to 27 Korean students can benefit from this programme and obtain a master's degree. //Source:The Korea Herald

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