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NFP scholarship and Dick Gerdzen Foundation grant for International Action Learning MBA

Grants 19 September 2013, 16:40

Business School Netherlands has made subsidies available for applicants.This programmes is also officially included on the grant programme: Netherlands Fellowship Programme, eligible for 61 countries.

business school nethelands, business programmes, international mbaBusiness School Netherlands (BSN) was founded in 1988.  BSN has developed  the courseware and built up a wide MBA programmes portfolio.

The fact is, BSN aim to be the best school, so that in turn the students will aspire to be the best business managers. The expansion of the Vaster Business Administration programmes has now positioned BSN as one of the best MBA providers in the Netherlands.

International MBA Programme:  virtual and residential learning

BSN offers the International English Language MBA programme which is very attracting professionals from all countries. The excellence and flexibility are key criteria. This MBA is a true Action Learning MBA. 

This International MBA Programme is a blended learning programme, combining virtual class (online) and residential conferences in the Netherlands or South Africa.

Ideal for the business traveller considering a Distance Learning MBA, yet wishing to maintain regular student and faculty contact. International MBA Programme begins 2 times a year: in February and in September.

Scholarships and subsidies

  • Due to the International nature and success of this programme, the Dick Gerdzen Foundation has made 120 subsidies available for applicants for 2012. Prior to the application to the Dick Gerdzen Foundation, the applicant should first be accepted, and therefore comply with the requirements set by Business School Netherlands for the International Action Learning MBA. It is possible to apply for the Dick Gerdzen Foundation by requesting the International MBA Brochure.
  • International MBA Programme is also officially included on the grant programme:  Netherlands Fellowship Programme, eligible for 61 countries.

The international campuses of Business School Netherlands

BSN has fast developing campuses and locally driven Master Business programmes outside of the Netherlands. The international campuses of Business School Netherlands: Asia: BSN Asia, Czech Republic: BSN Czech Republic, Spain: BSN Spain, Nigeria: BSN Nigeria, South Africa: BSN South Africa and Sudan: Sudanese Dutch Management Centre.


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