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Student story: Media and Entertainment Management (p.2)

Student stories 30 April 2010, 18:05

Maria Gloeckner, a student from Germany, following "International Media and Entertainment Management" programme, tells about study in Holland at NHTV Breda University.

A German student Maria Gloeckner studying International Media and Entertainment Management (IMEM) tells us about her studies abroad at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Holland.

What does a day of a regular student at the Dutch university look like?

A new block appears on the schedule every 7 days. An academic year consists of 4 blocks of 7 weeks in each, a week of individual studies, an examination week and a re-exam week.

Though the timetable can differ on different days, you have to stay at the university all day during the lecturing period. Depending on the day of the week, lectures can start at 8.30 a.m. or even at midday. We have project work together with lectures.

First, we have an hour lecture in every subject and then 2-hour project work. There're about 27 students in every project class.

There is also a “production day” once a week when all the students are divided into the groups of 5 or 6 before the beginning of every block to work on a special project. It looks like working on a real order at the company.

It can be any type of project from a film about writing a book to a company marketing campaign.

What are the advantages of studying in Holland?

The greatest advantage for me was that all the educational process is in English and the level of English proficiency is extremely high with both professors and my fellow-students.

And the academic fees are much lower than at a private university or a specialized college in Germany. Studies abroad may be a great advantage for your future career at an international company as it proves I can work there with no problems.

I also consider an academic process structure to be a great advantage in Breda. We have an intensive lecture course for seven weeks and then a week of individual studies, so we have enough time to study and revise for the examination.

And you don’t have to study the material for the whole semester but only for a part of it. There is one more advantage especially for the students who can't (or don't want) to take a loan for education: as soon as they sign a labor contract for 32 hours a month, they can apply for a monthly scholarship at IB Group organization.

This scholarship makes 250 EUR per month and does not depend on your parents’ income. It is also not a subject for payback (except for the cases of a break in your studies).

And what do you like least in Holland?

The only drawback is quite expensive accommodation. The demand for rooms is very high, especially in summer. The price for a 10-meter room is as much as for a single-room apartment in Germany.

Besides, it’s quite difficult to find a room at the beginning of summer as there can be about 80 people in line for a tiny room. And it’s also very difficult to find a part-time job if you don’t speak Dutch. As a number of foreign students gets bigger and bigger some companies change their business language into English.

Where do you meet with your friends?

You can meet with your friends anywhere in Breda! It can be a homelike cafe downtown or a party at the club or a cinema. Breda has everything that a student can wish for.

Do you live alone or do you share an apartment with other students?

It’s quite natural for Breda to share a room with others as the rents are rather high here, so to find a separate apartment is next to impossible.

At first I rented a room in a terraced house together with four other students and then I moved into a better room that is closer to the center. Now I live together with three students in downtown Breda.

What can you advice to the graduates who are interested in this kind of studies?

Of course it’s very important to get all the information about the university and to be sure about your future major choice. Besides, you should remember that you can’t go home every weekend as you live in another country.

As far as the studies at “International media and Entertainment Management" are concerned, you should be more ambitions in the spheres of multimedia and have proper creative potential.

What positive and negative experience did you get while studying at Breda?

As much attention is given to group working, your experience of work in multinational teams would be quite useful anyway. NHTV Breda University of Applied sciences works in partnership with a lot of other universities and colleges, so all the students have a unique chance to take a three-week seminar in creating TV programs at the University of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Besides, there are a lot of exchange programs with the universities and colleges all over the world for the third and fourth year students.

Would you go this way once again? Of course I would!

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