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Student story: International Logistics and Economics

Programmes Student stories 16 May 2010, 22:06

Discover your world – Study in the Netherlands! Hendrik Weber, a student from Germany, following International Logistics and Economics programme, tells about study abroad.

study in Holland, study abroad, study at NHTV Breda UniversityHendrik Weber, a student from Germany, following  International Logistics and Economics programme, tells about study at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.

1) How did you decide to study in Holland/Breda?

Universities in the Netherlands seemed always bit ahead of the ones in my country, because they offer study programmes that are not offered in Germany.

Dutch Universities give the opportunity to study in English which is not common at German universities. Another big advantage are the projects, where you have to be responsible for your work and work in a group.

2) What was your first impression?

Students at NHTV seemed to study at a great atmosphere, it seemed informal and professional at the same time. The lecturers seemed to be well experienced and most of them still work in the logistics business, so they could always give examples and not only teach theory.

3) What about your studies?

Most of the times it is not only about the theory. Especially the projects are related to real matters, but for almost every course we deal with examples of companies everyone knows as Apple or Sony. 

This is really motivating and helps you to find out, where you want to work after your studies. The size of our class is relatively small, at the moment we are just 19 students, but the biggest international logistics course so far and we are the first with female students. The course consists of 4 different nationalities. 

4) What does a day of your life as a student look like?

It depends on how much time the studies take up, at the beginning of a block we do not have to do too much besides the lectures, so we students meet up or go out at night.

At the end of the block we lack the times for that, because we have to study quite a lot and deliver assignments.

But when the exams are over we go out with the whole class.

5) Where do you meet your friends?

Breda offers a lot of possibilities to go out. Most of the time the meeting place for international NHTV students is the bar Speeltuin which often gives parties with an international motto.

On other occasions we meet at someone's place to hang out or have a party. I also meet a lot of my fellow students at the gym .

6) Best experience?

Finishing the first project. It took my group a lot of time and we also had some trouble delivering our report, but at the end it was great finishing it and every member had a good feeling about our work.

7) Do you live together with other students?

study abroad, study in Breda, International Logistics and economicsI live in an apartment together with another German student, but we live in a building where more than half of the apartments are inhabited by international students, including 2 fellow students from my class.

The building next to mine is also inhabited primarily by IB students.

More information: International Logistics and Economics - http://www.nhtv.nl/default.aspx?themaset=ba3d4bb4-282a-452a-85a4-3f2512f30756

The photo was taken on one of my very first days that I´ve been in Breda, I just bought this really sweet bike and I just had to take a photo at Grote Markt. Zo leuk!

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