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Top 10 things to do while studying in Denmark

Denmark 25 July 2010, 00:24

How to get the most out during studying abroad? Best universities of Denmark offer their students top education in Europe.Top 10 things to do while studying in Denmark

flag of denmark, study in denmark, study in Europe, universities in DenmarkBest universities of Denmark offer their students top 10 things to get the most out of their time studying abroad.

1) Learn about Denmark’s history

Danes are known as beautiful, polite and even-tempered people, however, their history still remembers the Vikings pictured as warlike and aggressive.

Nonetheless, there was more to the Vikings than just fighting, and their civilization left behind an array of fascinating relics, which are spread across the country.

Visiting them during your time as a foreign student will reveal a fascinating chapter of Scandinavian and world history.

2) Discover Copenhagen and its universities

Being a bridge between Western Europe and Scandinavia, Copenhagen combines quaint local character and Nordic history with its own distinctive style. While in Copenhagen you should make sure you sample the local cuisine – with a mixture of international fare and Danish specialities. On sunny days, there is no better place to be than the waterfront at Nyhavn.

Learn more about universities of Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen; Technical University of Denmark; Copenhagen Business School; IT-University of Copenhagen

3) Visit Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s biggest and best Nearest universities: Roskilde University; Every summer in early July the ancient Viking city of Roskilde hosts Roskilde Festival, one of the biggest and most famous music festivals in Europe. Many famous rock stars have played on the main Orange Stage. Seven other stages will let you enjoy the bands from all over the world.

4) Visit the Hans Christian Anderson Museum in Odense kronborg,castle, study in denmark

The Hans Christian Anderson Museum in Odense makes the author’s life sound rather like one of the fairytales that made him so famous. The museum will tell you a story of Anderson’s life, love and achievements. Going to this museum will definitely add some fairytales to your everyday life.

The nearest universities: University of Southern Denmark; University of Odense  

5) Have a look at Hamlet's castle Kronberg Castle at Elsinore, eastern Denmark.

The castle provides the setting for Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet.

Numerous performances of Hamlet have been staged at the castle involving famous actors from Lawrence Olivier to Jude Law. Apart from that, Kronberg Castle is also one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe.



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