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Immigration procedures for foreigners searching work in Holland

28 September 2010, 13:37

Finished your study in Europe? Want to work at a European country? There are 2 admission schemes for finding a job as a highly skilled migrant.

Jobs, immigration procedure, highly educated migrants

There are 2 immigration schemes allowing particular groups of foreign citizens to stay for  a period of up to12 months in Holland and look  for a job as a highly skilled migrant.

These admission schemes are the procedure for ‘seeking work after graduation’ and the ‘admission scheme for highly educated persons’.


The following overview of similarities and differences between these two procedures will help you to find out which of these procedures you are eligible for



‘Seeking work after graduation’

‘Admission scheme for highly educated persons’


Level of graduation

Bachelor’s or Master’s

Master’s or PhD

Programmes and universities included 

Diploma obtained from recognized Dutch higher education institution.

Netherlands: Master’s programme registered in CROHO, or PhD. 

Abroad: Foreign university listed in the top 150 of the 2007 edition of the rankings published in Times Higher Education Supplement or by Jiao Tong Shanghai University

Deadline for submitting application

Immediately upon graduation, following Dutch residence permit for the purpose of ‘study’. 

Within three years after obtaining your Master’s or PhD degree.

Maximum duration of stay

Maximum stay of one year. Residence permit cannot be extended. 

Maximum stay of one year. Residence permit cannot be extended.

Access to Dutch labour market during stay

Free to work. No work permit required.

Work only allowed if employer is in possession of work permit. 

Employer must meet all criteria for labour market test.

Minimum annual salary to qualify for job as ‘highly skilled migrant’

€ 25,800 gross per annum

€ 25,800 gross per annum

Application form to be used

‘Application residence permit or change to restriction without MVV’, to be downloaded from the IND website.

From abroad: Apply for ‘provisional residence permit’ with Dutch embassy/consulate. 

From the Netherlands: ‘Application for a regular residence permit for a highly educated migrant seeking employment’, to be downloaded from the IND website.

Other requirements

Not applicable

Attaining 35 points from the points system.

Points system ‘Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Persons’

In order to be eligible for admission under the ‘Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Persons’, you must obtain a minimum of 35 points from the points system. Please note that for each of the 3 categories a maximum amount of points to be awarded applies. For category 3 you can obtain a maximum of 5 points, even if – for example – you speak both Dutch and English.






Documents to submit

1: Education (max. 30 points)


PhD degree

Master’s degree




Copy of diploma (Dutch institution) or diploma evaluation issued by Nuffic (foreign institution)

2: Age

(max. 5 points)

21-40 years


Birth certificate

3: Indicators for success in the Netherlands 

(max. 5 points)


Previously employed in the Netherlands (minimum 6 months) 

Previously studied in the Netherlands (minimum 6 months) 

Command of Dutch as a foreign language at A2-level

Command of English at IELTS 6.0 level

Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree obtained in country that has signed up to the Bologna declaration












Contract or employer’s declaration

Proof of enrolment 


Declaration of language institute




Maximum points to obtain



 Source: Nuffic

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