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Student story: my first days at NHTV Breda University

Student stories 10 October 2010, 00:42

Student from Ukraine, Vadim Sadkovskiy, following education on International Logistics and Transport Management,tells about his first days at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.

study at Breda University, logisitcs managementStudent from Ukraine, Vadim Sadkovsky, tells about his first days at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. Vadim enroled for Bachelor programme: International Logistics and Transport Management.

Arrival in Amsterdam

The week before my departure I began to prepare my baggage. As I was leaving for a long time, I packed 2 big suitcases. I arrived straight to Amsterdam. But after Amsterdam I had to go by train to Breda to my hotel (as university doesn’t provide accommodation for students without signing of the contract).

To avoid any risk, I decided to ask university for helping me in getting to Breda from the airport. This service is free. Unfortunately I forgot about overweight. So I had to pay a fine for it. As I noticed later, this is typical problem for all students.

After my arriving People from student organization “Compass” met me at the airport. It was difficult to find them as the airport is big and I lost my way. In half an hour they found me and we got to Breda.

At the NHTV Breda University

We’d got to Breda and went to NHTV, where I could to leave my bags. After that I was taken to hotel, as signing contract was only next day. All hotels are at the price of 40 EURO and I reserved a room the week before my arrival. Next day I came to the University to sign the contract. I was informed about the date and place of signing contract before my departure.

My appartment

My first days of staying in the Netherlands were very busy. At the begining I was alone in my apartment. Other students who also will stay at this appartment came later. I was looking for all goods that I needed. As my neighbours - students were going to come a week later, I couldn’t buy anything without discussing everything with them. And of course I had no to speak with.

In a first few days I found shop ALDI, where I could buy almost everything of food for very good prices. As I live not near from this shop, my bicycle helped me to carry all my goods.

Introduction days at NHTV Breda University

26-27 of August there were introduction days in University. There was a greeting speech of rector of NHTV, then excursion inside main building, and introduction lesson at school. At this period I met almost all my classmates. At the same time we applied for receiving our students’ cards and got information about permit.

Internet in appartment

Also I was trying to get internet in my apartment. Internet companies were ready to provide it but in 3 weeks and they needed my Dutch bank account. I also could choose internet that is connected from flashcard to laptop.

They also needed bank account, information about my staying in Holland. I tried to buy  that kind of internet, but I should have been 18 year oldin order to buy it. So I chose Tele2.

Openinng of the bank account

I opened the bank account at ING bank. It was very easy. They just made a copy of passport and asked application form which I received in NHTV. It was in Dutch but in International Students’ Office I received help.

Sport center

As I’m interested in sport, I decided to apply for receiving subscription to sport center. I’ve got it in a few days.

Introduction Students' Program

From the 31st of August till the 2nd of September there was Introduction Students’ Program from Compass for first year students (from faculties of Logistics, Tourism and Hotel Management). To take part in this program I had to apply before my arrival to Holland. The price was 130 EURO and I the University. There was trip around Holland at the daytime and parties in the evening. We had very interesting program that didn’t make us feel boring. When I returned I saw that my neighbours had already come.

Study books

After all we had an Introduction lesson in which I noticed about our timetable, subjects that we’ll have and books that I needed. In introduction lesson we also noticed that books can be bought in a book store, internet stores and also it’s possible to buy from the second year students.

Book stores are the most expensive. Price for all books that I needed was for about 300-400 EUROS. Second hand books are cheaper, but I also needed to find a student that would sell them to me. It could take for a long time.

And internet store was the best choice for me as it was not so expensive and it also was fast to receive. So I decided to buy it there. All information about internet book stores can be noticed from our coach or in Students’ Office.


Therefore I had to buy a lot of things that I needed. In the price list of shops, that I’ve received from NHTV I found second hand shop. There I could find a lot of cheap and useful things. I also found at the price list a good shop of bikes. An interesting thing is that when I tried to buy something on Sunday all shops were closed.

2 days before my start of studies I went with my neighbours to IKEA and bought everything that we needed. We also applied for internet providing as I’ve got Dutch bank account.

Of course, there were a lot of things that I had to do (work permit, live permit, buying books and etc.) Of course, I tried to do everything by myself, but when I couldn’t, I asked Eurogates for help, which they gave me advices. And I really thank them for that.

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