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Student story: Bachelor Business in Public Health

Student stories 15 November 2010, 00:26

Renée Bouhuijs, student studying on Bachelor Business Administration in Public Health,tells about study at the Windesheim Honours College.

study in Europe, study at windesheim honours collegeRenée Bouhuijs, student following the second semester on Bachelor Business Administration in Public Health, tells about study at the Windesheim Honours College.

A week in the student life


We start off on Monday morning with Specialization Course 1, Introduction to Public Health. Our lecturer Aryanti usually teaches about clinical pictures. We often look at interviews or have to read certain articles which we analyze afterwards. By the end of the semester we had more guest lecturers, for instance a colleague from Indonesia, who explained everything about health care crisis plans after a tsunami or other natural disasters.

During the break, you can work on individual assignments or do some desk research and in the afternoon we revise the work we did during the break. Then I go home and sometimes go grocery shopping, if needed. We usually eat together, since we have a communal kitchen and cooking together is fun.

After that it’s time for homework, on average it takes two or three hours to finish it.


Tuesday is reserved for Specialization Course 2, Social and Community Studies. The set up is the same as on Monday, in the morning we have a lecture, during the break there is time for self study and in the afternoon we revise our work.

We had some nice assignments for this course, for instance, we visited a prison and talked about human rights, and made a wheelchair tour through Zwolle to check the wheelchair accessibility.

After diner and if we don’t have too much homework, me and some classmates play sports on the Campus of Windesheim University (very cheap by the way!), usually something like swimming or Zumba.


Wednesday starts with Math, from lecturer Wim Rietberg. The interaction between Wim and the class was great, he adapted the lectures to our needs. So sometimes we would have 1,5 hours lecture and half an hour self study or the other way around, depending on how intricate the subject matter was.

After that, we have Spanish conversation class, which is very enjoyable and informative. In the afternoon we have a four hour Spanish lecture. We start with revising our homework, and then we do some text comprehension and listening exercises.

Sometimes we watch a Spanish movie or documentary or conduct a Spanish chat session. At the end we go through the new chapter. The evening is as always, we cook together and I do my homework.


Thursday morning is reserved for Career Development. Unlike the first semester, in the second semester we would have group sessions. Career development is aimed at your future plans, your ambitions in the area of internships, or a Master study.

In the afternoon we have another three hour Math lecture. Sometimes, if we have enough time, we go out in the evening. Thursday evening is a popular evening for going out in Zwolle.


Friday we have Advanced Learning Lab, which starts with two hours of theory, followed by a role-play or debate. During the break we do an assignment, like writing an English letter of application or resume. In the afternoon we revise our homework and go through next weeks homework.

During the weekends I have several options, sometimes I visit my parents and sometimes my boyfriend. I don’t have a job, because I believe you need to relax as well. And before I know it, it’s Monday morning again!

Why study Windesheim Honours College?

WHC offers a unique combination of project management and Public Health, with an international outlook. The level lies between HBO (University of Applied Sciences) and a research University, for me, this is perfect: the challenge of academic subject matter combined with the practical aspect of applied sciences.

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