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Student of Hanze UAS tells about his university

Student stories 5 December 2012, 19:28

Student story about study on International Biomedical Engineering Programme at the School of Engineering, Hanze University Groningen, University of Applied Sciences.

study at Hanze University, Hanze University, Groningen Hanze University of Applied Sciences gives its students the opportunity to gain some practical experience while learning about their choice of a wide variety of subjects.

Hanze UAS has great relationships with the surrounding business and industry sector, which gives students the chance to do an internship during their study to help them further develop their skills and work experience.

Students gain exceptional knowledge of their field throughout their programme because of the opportunities provided.

Gábor Friedmann had this to say about his programme and time at Hanze. Gábor is a Hungarian International Biomedical Engineering student, did an exchange year at the Hanze School of Engineering. His exchange was facilitated by the partnership between his home university and Hanze UAS.

Gábor used his exchange year as an opportunity to interact with other international students, look through windows into other cultures, and gain some practical knowledge in his field. Although it was a challenge to be away from his family, friends, and familiar surroundings, he really enjoyed his time abroad.

His study at Hanze made it possible for him to take part in a number of interesting projects that allowed him to gain some practical experience. Lectures at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) also helped Gábor gain real knowledge about his field.

The International Biomedical Engineering programme at Hanze teaches its students how to design and create engineering solutions for the healthcare industry. Students in the programme generally begin careers in Research and Development departments of companies, universities, and academic hospitals.

The exchange experience taught Gábor a lot about Dutch culture, and the differences between his own country and the Netherlands. He was able to make some Dutch friends and interact with local people during his time here.

Gábor’s future plans include doing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and eventually starting his career in this field. He is very grateful for his experience at Hanze.

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