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What are costs of living in Amsterdam?

Question and Answers 29 January 2012, 00:00

How much will it cost me to live in Amsterdam? The prices to rent out a room in the city will start from 500 - 550 euro per month.

amsterdam,boats, canals, capital of the netherlandsAmsterdam is not only a capital of the Netherlands, but also one of the biggest student cities of the country. The main reasons why students want to study in Amsterdam are of course traditional worldwide known universities as Amsterdam University College, VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam are situated New Business School and modern HBO's - Universities of Applied Sciences as Hogeschool of Amsterdam and facilities of the INHolland  University. 

Studying in Amsterdam is a great opportunity to experience the dynamic life of a big multicultural European city.

Amsterdam has a great variety to offer in terms of entertainment, leisure activities, various courses and schools and also the cultural events. The city with a population of only 750 000 people is even more multinational than New York.

Everyone can find something interesting in Amsterdam for themselves - a lot of places to go out, many possibilities for studying and education, and finally, a lot of friends all over the world.

However, the first question of a student, who wants to study in Amsterdam is ''How much will it cost me to live here?".

Housing prices

First of all it is important to mention that being a capital, Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most expensive cities of the country in terms of renting an accommodation.

The prices to rent out a room in the city are between 375 - 550 euro per month. Obviously, such factors as the neighbourhood as well as the distance from the city centre are mainly influence the price. Transportation in Amsterdam is another major expense.

Public transport prices

The locals go everywhere by the bikes, which help them save the money on the transportation, however, since the weather is changeable all the time, and it is raining a lot during the autumn and the winter, it might not always be comfortable for the foreigners to use the bike.

Average transportation costs per month are 60 euro if you are going to use public transport. A tip: use the plastic OV- chip cards, instead of buying the tickets in the trains/ buses (which cost 2.6 euro).

It will help you to save the money. Finally, a few words about the everyday expenses and food. In average, you will spend around 300 - 400 euro on food and other living expenses. In the nutshell, a student who is going to move to Amsterdam will need in average 1000 euro to be able to cover the living expenses and to pay a rent.

Sounds like a lot of money for a young person. But the positive side of living in a big multicultural city is a possibility to find a part - time job, even if you do not yet speak Dutch.

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