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Student story: doing an internship in Amsterdam

Student stories 19 January 2013, 03:03

Doing an internship in Amsterdam: Renata V, a student of the Hotel programme of Stenden University, shares her impressions.

Doing an internship in Amsterdam: a student shares her impressions. The Hotel school student is telling about her working experience in Amsterdam:

"I am studying in the Netherlands almost four years and after three years of theory it was finally a time to gain some practical experience. I sent my CV to the several 4* - 5* hotels in Amsterdam and got an internship in a big 4* star hotel with a world - wide known name.

I wanted to do my internship in Amsterdam, because I wanted to experience life in one of the most multicultural and vibrant cities of Europe and besides, there are a lot of possibilities to find a job/ internship in Amsterdam for those, who do not speak Dutch.

I was doing my internship in two departments of the hotel: house - keeping and the front desk. It lasted ten months - so five months in each department. The experience you gain while working in the hotel is valuable.

Firstly, it is the development of one's the communicative skills - you have to deal with the guests, who are very demanding in the terms of service. It is very important to keep the image of the hotel on the high level.

Secondly, the internship always involves learning new aspects of the hospitality industry, and I really learned a lot (for example, I  had to use "Opera'' - a system which is always used in the hotels all over the world for checking in and checking out).

Finally, while doing my internship I was working a lot of people - when I was working in the house - keeping department, I was supervising the house - keepers and had to check the rooms that were cleaned by the them.

Furthermore, if the guests had problems with the rooms I was the one, who was helping them. A tip to all the students who are just starting with studying hospitality management: while working in the hotel be ready for the unexpected situations, be stress resistant.

The people you will have to work with or the guests of the hotel are not always pleasant and polite, and sometimes it might be difficult to get along with some of them, especially at the beginning.

Be enthusiastic about your work and always smile so others see your positive attitude and you will succeed".



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