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Student story: Master in Tourism Destination Management

Student stories 17 March 2011, 00:19

If you think about study in Europe and want to know about study in the Netherlands, please read story of student from Brasil about study on Master Tourism Destination Management at NHTV Breda University.

tourism_management_breda_universityThinking about study in Europe? Read story of student from Brasil about study on Master Tourism Destination Management at NHTV Breda University.

1) How did you decide to study in Holland/Breda?

I always had a sympathy for the Netherlands. I was working in Brazil and was planning long time to do a master programme in Europe, always on tourism field.

I accessed the list of TedQual institutions on the UNWTO website and was happy to find a renowned Dutch institution. I read about the Master and it was just perfect. Then I applied for the HSP Huygens scholarship as I was not financially prepared, and I got it.

2) What was your first impression?

I had visited the Netherlands once before, I already had an idea about it. But as per Breda, I was surprised with the city, very pretty, and very lively compared to any other same-sized Dutch town. My impression was good, everything was efficient, clean, modern.

3) What about your studies?

I realized that the teaching methods were very interesting, that you can speak up by yourself and you are actually encouraged by the lecturers to do so. Sometimes I found it a bit disorganized, but I guess it’s because my expectations about the organization in the Netherlands were way too high ;) Anyway, I enjoyed the lectures and of course the fieldtrip. I like the level of experience of the lecturers and also the fact that they are informal, accessible, but still professional and serious.

4) What does a day of your life as a student look like?

I wake up, have coffee in a nearby Dutch bakery and then cycle to NHTV, depending on the lectures’ schedule. I take the chance to have a coffee on every break, I love Dutch koffie. Then usually when my school day is over I go back home, relax, prepare some food and do anything that must be prepared (assignments, etc). On Fridays, of course, after that I can go out with friends.

5) Where do you meet your friends?

Usually at home. I live in a student house and because we have so many space we often meet up there. When the day is nice, sunny, we meet at the park or in the centrum. I also meet them at night in the many pubs and bars, especially on weekends.

6) Best experience?

In Netherlands, the funniest experience was trying fierljeppen in Fryslan. In Breda, no specific one but I guess the whole time there, in school, with friends, adjusting to the Dutch culture and education system, all this can be considered as a whole, best experience.

7) Do you live together with other students?

Yes, two Indian students (one of which is my classmate) and one German bachelor student.

8) Other suggestions? No!

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