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Student story: Communication & Media programme

Student stories 22 April 2012, 18:24

Student story of Elise Eicheler, student specializing in Communication & Media tells about Windescheim Honours College.

Student story of Elise Eicheler, student specializing in Communication & Media tells about Windescheim Honours College.

I chose this specialization because it represents a broad professional field with a lot of different career opportunities. I was always interested in Media, in how they affect people and there are always lots of new developments in Media, which keeps it interesting .

I learned a lot last year, like the why and how of human behavior, and how you can change that behavior through communication. We also had a course about the history of Communication, which was very informative.

I never knew for instance, that the invention of the telegraph had such a big effect on the world and how people look at it. At the end of my first year, I can definitely say that this programme exceeded my expectations.

We go really deep into the theory, deeper than expected and I now know how to set up an effective campaign, including vast knowledge about means of communication. So we’re not limited to the standard means like ads and billboards.

During the first year, I’ve also gained a global perspective; you really learn how to think big and approach a problem (and the solution of course) on a global level. Looking back, I’m really glad with my choice!

Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activity that really stands out is the business trip. Especially because I was part of the organizing committee. I’ve learnt so much from that! It was the first time I had done anything like this, so of course we forgot a lot at first and we learned how important communication is in these kind of processes.

I also had to get over myself in many ways and I’m really proud. I used to be very bashful but I personally called several organizations to make appointments, so it was good for my personal development.

Next to that, the trip itself was simply fantastic. We visited lots of interesting organizations, for instance the UN and Doctors without Borders, and got the opportunity to network for future internships and even career opportunities. As a group, we really got to know each other and we had so much fun, I will never forget this experience!

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