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Hanze UAS awards € 3,500 bursaries to its top students

Grants 10 March 2014, 10:45

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen provides a € 3,500 scholarship for non-EU/EEA students with top grades after the first year of education. Students who are granted this type of bursary will receive the amount each year of their study programme’s duration.

Graduation of students in GroningenHanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen has updated its information about the scholarships available for non-EU/EEA students during the 2015-2016 academic year. Students with top grades in their first year of education will receive a € 3,500 scholarship which will cover a large part of their tuition fees (total of € 7,500 per year for Bachelor’s programmes). Students who are granted this type of bursary will receive the amount each year of their study programme’s duration.

Students must successfully complete their first year of study and not receive any other scholarships to be eligible for this grant. As the number of available grants is limited, the average grade needed to qualify may vary in order to award the most talented and motivated candidates. The bursaries are awarded in October and March (for IBS programmes which start in February).

These scholarships are available for the following university programmes:

  • International Business and Management Studies (IBMS),
  • International Facility Management,
  • International Communication Majors,
  • Game Design & Development Major,
  • Advanced Sensor Applications,
  • International Physiotherapy programme.

Scholarships for students of music and fine arts

Non-EU students who are accepted into a Bachelor’s programme in Jazz, Classical Music (Prince Claus Conservatoire), and Design or Fine Arts (Minerva Art Academy) will be eligible for Hanze UAS’s € 3,500 scholarship from the first year of education. The bursary will be granted to students based on their intake exam results.

Students of Master’s programmes in Music and Fine Arts can also apply for this scholarship. Successful candidates will be able to pay the same tuition fee as EU students (€ 1,906 per year instead of € 7,500).

See also information about study sport grants for top athletes at Hanze UAS.

For more information about Hanze UAS scholarships, please visit the university’s Grants and Scholarships page.

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i am good student.

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