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The way of success in fashion industry

Italy 1 September 2011, 00:00

The program higher edication «Polimoda International Fashion Marketing» was complited by popular Italian Institute of fashion industry Polimoda S.R.L., which founders are Santo Versace, Linda Loppa, Ferruccio Ferragamo

People who involved in process of fashion industry live in it, their job becomes being something more than everyday duty… Professional  blunders destroy inspiration and make strong emotional stress, which prejudice the success of creator and his company. The best way to refrain from repetition is higher education by specialized programmes.

Moscow University of Industry and Finance «Sinergy» has great experience of realization this type of programmes. They were complited by leading specialists and lecturers world-known University and business schools.

The higher edication programme «Polimoda International Fashion Marketing» was completed by popular Italian Institute of fashion industry Polimoda S.R.L., which founders are  Santo Versace, Linda Loppa, Ferruccio Ferragamo, and one of subdivisions of  Moscow University of  Industry and  Finance «Sinergy» - business school «Sinergy».

The higher edication programme «Polimoda International Fashion Marketing» based on outstanding designers and managers experience, who work in this professional sphere. The program includes the main aspects of doing fashion- business in modern conditions. During learning students of this higher edication programme students analyse strategic technique, marketing instruments and methodics, master ways of investigative business – competitors and extending the sphere of influence.

Meaningful moment of realization of this programme is an interaction with founders of  Institute Polimoda S.R.L., successful designers and business-owners in fashion industry. Students take part in organization fashion projects and demonstrations of new collections, make the professional  acquaintance.

Compulsory part of the higher education programme is visiting popular Fashion Houses, which helps to feel the atmosphere of inspiration and to see specific of designer’business – professional process inside.

Graduating students have a lot of labour supplies from designer and business-figures which they interact during practice. Great part of  graduating students take higher professional positions and  their career successfully.

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