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Hanze international students will learn how to ride a bicycle!

Announcements 8 August 2013, 23:55

If you accepted at Hanze University in Groningen, you would definitely should learn to ride a bike. Hanze University offers to its students a special  “survival” course, which helps to international students to learn how to use a bicycle on Dutch roads.

Bikes in GroningenAre you going to study at Hanze University? Would you like to learn how to ride a bike? No need to worry! Starting from September 2012, international students coming to study at Hanze University will have a great opportunity to sign up for a “survival” course on cycling!

In the Netherlands, riding a bicycle is a very common and convenient form of transport. Therefore, buying a bicycle is often one of the first items on the to-do lists of many international students, even though some of them have never cycled before. Cycling for students is a quick and cheap way to get in time for an early class or explore the city together with some friends.

A cycling course from the ESN students

International students in Europe are represented by the international student association called Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The ESN often organizes various activities which help international students to integrate and build their own network. Starting from September, the ESN will be running cycling courses sponsored by the municipality of Groningen, Hanze University and the University of Groningen.

The cycling course is meant for those international students who are not used to riding a bike. It will consist of three parts – theory, basic skills and a cycling trip. The theoretical part will include the explanation of cycling rules followed in the Netherlands. The second part will be focused on teaching the basics of cycling: getting on and off the bike, turning and braking. The last part of the course is an exciting cycling tour in the city!

Would you like to participate? Do not forget to sign up as there is room for only 50 participants!

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