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Study in the Netherlands Guide for international students is available

Question and Answers 10 May 2012, 23:55

A new issue of the guide "Study in the Netherlands" is presented. This issue provide necessary information about the advantages of studying in Holland and is a comprehensive handbook meant for all international students interested in pursuing their studies in the Netherlands.

Come to study in the NetherlandsFamous for the wide array of educational options, Holland welcomes everyone striving to get the European education. The portal in collaboration with the Dutch governmental organisation promoting Dutch education abroad (Nuffic) has issued the new Study in the Netherlands guide.

This guide is a comprehensive handbook meant for all international students interested in pursuing their studies in the Netherlands.

It gives valuable insights into the essential aspects of studying in Holland: provides the overview of different types of universities in the Netherlands, explains visa regulations and accommodation opportunities.

Higher education in English

Universities in Holland started to launch higher education programmes in English more than 60 years ago. Every year a wide range of state-of-the-art English taught programmes attracts students from all over the world who come to the Netherlands to broaden their horizons and gain extra knowledge in the areas of their interest. Upon the successful completion of their programmes international students get an internationally recognized diploma.

Favourable central location

The fact that the Netherlands is a country located very close to such countries like the UK, Germany and France makes it easy for students to discover Europe. If you want to go to London from here, you simply need to hop onto the Euro rail. Law students often choose to pursue either their undergraduate or graduate programmes in the Hague, as this city is often referred to as the World’s Legal capital.

Business opportunities in Holland

Many financial organisations and institutions located in the Netherlands make this country a great option for people willing to learn management and finance. Another attraction is Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands which hosts one of the busiest ports in the world.

Dutch universities put their best efforts to promote education and attract new students by offering them various scholarship programmes. The information about different types of scholarships offered in the Netherlands can also be found in the Study in the Netherlands guide published on

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