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Saxion and Twente Universities offer the traineeship to their graduates

22 June 2012, 17:41

Saxion and Twente Universities united their experience in order to improve the professional skills of their students.  International connect traineeship is the first step in future carrier of the graduates.

saxion twente university international connect traineeship

Saxion and Twente Universities united their experience in order to improve the professional skills of their students. Their international connect traineeship is the first step in the future carrier of the graduates.

This programme provides the valuable benefits for both students and companies. The trainees get a chance to practice the newly obtained skills while the employers have the opportunity to hire the new specialists and develop their knowledge in the needed area.

The Dutch job market is now available for the graduates, giving a chance to start working in the Netherlands. The international students get the additional help and services. Here are the comments of some students already involved into the program.

Irene Zambrane (practicing in PowerPacker):
“What I do is making the analysis of the current situation on the market. The company is rather new, so I grow along with it, learning the specialties of this business area and opening the access to the other markets. I take care of the potential partners, the competitive surrounding and the whole situation on the market in order to offer the well-informed decision to the supervisors. This is the work I really enjoy”.

Anna Eliseeva (practicing in Siemens):
“I’ve got two responsibilities in the company. First of all I’m the part of the ERP system change that is happening within the local financial department. Here is much of analysis and testing to be done. At the same time I help the top-level staff in multiple tasks, getting the close view on how the company works. This way I’m offered the complete access to most of the business processes I doubt I could have ever seen under other circumstances. To tell the truth, I adore my position since it’s the rare opportunity to test my skills and… well, it’s just really exciting!”

Wanshu Zhang (practicing in INDES):
“I got real benefit of working in both the China and the Netherlands, so I can compare two different cultures and get the knowledge of how to run multilingual and international business. While Dutch managers are really focused and hard working, the Chinese are somewhat more common with their individual achievements. I’d say Dutch are more about business, while Chinese care much about their income and money in general. Still, both offices work perfectly together.” More information about connect traineeship project.

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