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Where can students eat in Nijmegen?

Question and Answers 5 September 2012, 17:25

In the city of Nijmegen where the Radboud University Nijmegen (RUN) is located there are numerous cheap café's, pizzerias and small restaurants that offer affordable meal, which are gladly visited by students.

Radboud university. Students facilities for eat. Student canteenAs a rule students, who follow education in Holland, spend on average 30% of their monthly required budget, which is estimated at € 800, on food. One of the cheapest ways for a student to eat is to cook himself. Cooking might be quite an interesting pastime, especially together with your house-mates at the dormitory.

Dutch supermarkets provide a large international variety of products, from Chinese and Indian to Turkish and Mediterranean meal. Most supermarkets offer a lot of brands.

That is why it is worth comparing the prices to find the cheapest option. Moreover, it is recommended to find small shops with one’s national food in the Netherlands where it is possible to buy products of the student’s homeland. Often students who do not have time or desire to cook, can eat outside or buy some take away.

Fortunately, most universities have canteens (and some even café's) on campus where they offer different food throughout the whole day including, hot meals at affordable prices. Their lunch menus have a variety to choose from: from snacks and sandwiches to soups and salads. For those who like eating out there are cafes and pubs in the cities. For instance, pancakes are very popular in the Netherlands.

There are special cafes where they serve pancakes filled with anything you can imagine. A pancake in such a cage starts from €2 and up to €9 depends on what you have on top. In addition, there are the usual fast food chains everywhere.

Some average prices are the following: a cup of coffee or tea in a café is €2-3, a cheese sandwich costs €3, dinner in a typical student restaurant costs €10, a pizza at a student café is €6. In general he prices at a student canteen are slightly lower than in the cafes.

Where can students can eat in Nijmegen

For instance, in Nijmegen where the Radboud University Nijmegen (RUN) is located there are numerous cheap café's, pizzerias and small restaurants that offer affordable meal.

On the campus of the RUN you can find several eateries where you can have a nice meal for low prices. The Spinoza DE café provides quick snacks and take-away, such as coffee and sandwiches. There is also the university restaurant called de Refter on the campus (see the picture). This restaurant serves meal throughout the whole day.

This is a good place to go for those who want to eat well, cheap and not far from the university at the same time. Among Dutch specialities  has also foreign meal to offer for the students. You can order take-away at this restaurant, too.

Additionally, there is a plenty of student cafes in the city, such as de Plak, Blonde Pater, Donatello’s (cheap and good pizza), Popocatepetl and others. They are located in the centre of Nijmegen, a bit further from the university. Read more about Radboud Univesity Nijmegen.

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05/07/2013, 12:48 # falcogrossen

that's great new for students like me .. Thanks for giving suggestion of restaurant in Nijmegen

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