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HAN’s International Business and Management Studies Ranked 1st

Rankings 8 November 2013, 11:41

HAN University of Applied Sciences has become a national leader of the Elsevier 2013 rankings in the category of larger Dutch universities of applied sciences. International Business and Management Studies programmes of this institution has also been rated as No 1 in this rankings.

HAN University of Applied SciencesElsevier Magazine recently published the list of  the best university study programmes of the Netherlands for 2013. Among these was HAN University of Applied Science’s International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme which ranked first in its category.

About the Rankings

Elsevier used the results of the National Student Survey to compile its rankings. The programmes were assessed using five main criteria: assessment, course design, facilities, internal communication and organisation, and quality of lecturers and education.

Students are ‘Extremely Satisfied’

HAN’s IBMS programme, which is offered at the world renown Arnhem Business School, was ranked first as 71% of students claimed to be ‘extremely satisfied’ with the quality of guidance, involvement, and expertise of the lecturers.

This is well above the national average of only 56% student satisfaction with study programmes. IBMS students at HAN also ranked the spread of the study load throughout the year, the feasibility of deadlines, teaching methods, and the substantive quality of course material as extremely satisfying. With an overall score of 66+%, the IBMS programme at HAN claimed first place in this year’s rankings.

In-depth Analysis

The IBMS programme at HAN ranked above 60% satisfaction in all categories but one, this being the ‘Examination’ category which received 58% satisfaction according to the students. The ‘Design of the Study’ category was ranked highest with 70% satisfaction, followed by the ‘Education’ and ‘Teachers’ categories at 69%. ‘Facilities’ received 66% satisfaction, and ‘Organisation and Communication’ was ranked at 64% satisfaction.

HAN UAS has also become a national leader of the Elsevier 2013 rankings in the category of larger universities of applied sciences.

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