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Nyenrode Invites Extraordinary Students for MBA Weekends in November (16-18)

23 October 2012, 18:56

Nyenrode Business University is welcoming extraordinary students from around the world to visit their renowned campus. Are you one of the special few? Register for different weekends at the last week of October and the third weekend of November.

MBA weekends in Nyenrode If you’re a professional in search of the right school and MBA programme for you, don’t miss this chance to visit one of the leading business schools in Europe!

Nyenrode Business Universiteit wants you to experience their university for yourself by attending their MBA weekend!

During the MBA Weekend, Nyenrode welcomes extraordinary prospective MBA students to its campus, offering a number of activities, seminars, and workshops to both national and international students alike.

This great opportunity will give students the chance to get a glimpse at this prestigious school for themselves, as well as meet potential professors and classmates.

Attendees are carefully selected and so it is important to register in order to see if you will be able to take part in Nyenrode’s MBA Weekend.

Register today! (Attending students will have food, hotel, and airfare included.)

See the video about previous Nyenrode WeekEnd.

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