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The First Eurogates “University Review” Contest is Over!

23 January 2013, 11:49

Our contest is over, and results are published. Congratulations to the winners! We are thankful to everyone who participated in our competition, who supported authors with replies and likes, and who visited our site and read the reviews. Looking forward to meet you in our new contest in March!

Contour of map of the Netherlands
Contour of the Netherlands

And the winner of our first prize of €300 is Günther P. Kiefer from Utrecht University! Vigorous finish lets him almost double his ‘likes’ and reach an unbeatable result of 1627 points with 32 replies and 1563 likes. Congratulations!

The second prize of €30 goes to Jennifer Pinheiro from The Hague University! And we are thankful to Jennifer for the intrigue in our competition! Her final score is 636 points (214 replies and 208 likes).

Noujeim Sebastian from Stenden University takes the third prize of €20 and doubles his raffle win! With 13 replies and 178 likes he scores 204 points and is ahead of 4th place only by 8 points. Good job, Sebastian!

Contestants who took 4th to 10th place will automatically join a lottery that will be a part of our next contest, scheduled for March 2013!

Final standings


Place Name University Points (replies/likes)
1 Günther P. Kiefer Utrecht University 1627 (32/1563)
2 Jennifer Pinheiro The Hague University 636 (214/208)
3 Noujeim Sebastian Stenden University 204 (13/178)
4 Chan Tung Tung Erasmus University Rotterdam 196 (58/80)
5 Olya Gubina Stenden University 126 (8/110)
6 Angela Manțu Stenden University 80 (16/48)
7 Gee Wamada Wittenborg University 72 (11/50)
8 Vanesa Vazharova Fontys University 65 (0/65)
9 Ally Vella Wittenborg University 38 (5/28)
10 Amir Ab Stenden University 27 (0/27)
11 Nicko Romaine Wilson The Hague University 22 (9/4)
12 Martin Schneider Fontys University 20 (0/20)
13 Anna Khavkunova Fontys University 10 (1/8)
14 Luba Nakropina Rotterdam Business School 6 (1/4)
15 Sonia Motisca VU University Amsterdam 3 (0/3)
16 Arjen Wibbens University of Gronigen 1 (0/1)

Thank you everyone for joining out contest! Regardless of place taken your reviews will continue to illuminate your universities and help prospective students with their difficult choices. Thank you visitors, your support, replies and likes made our contest possible!

And we look forward to meet all of you again in our next contest that will take place in March!

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02/02/2013, 08:56 # greg villanueva

Studying in holand is like a fairy tale. The impression is good and lasting while dreaming to be one of the scholars. A dash of fame, a handful of integrity and a spirit of honor

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