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Stenden University Student Talks About Studying Abroad

Student stories 14 June 2013, 17:58

Sanjeev Delip Kumar, a student from the UK, shares how he decided to study abroad at the Emmen campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Sanjeev is taking the International Business and Languages programme and shares his first impressions about the school, city, and the Netherlands in this testimonial.

Stenden University, Emmen
Stenden University, Emmen

Sanjeev Delip Kumar, an International Business and Languages (IBL) student at the Emmen campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences, chose to study in the Netherlands for a number of reasons. Besides the ever-increasing fees in the UK where Sanjeev had been previously living and studying, a desire to branch out and explore the world had pushed him to consider studying abroad.

After a visit to the Student World Fair and a meeting with staff from Stenden University, Sanjeev made his decision to come to the Netherlands to study.

Why Stenden?

One of the main things that attracted Sanjeev to Stenden were the small class sizes which allow each student to get individual attention and help from teachers. The coziness of Stenden makes students feel welcome and helps them to socialise, creating a friendly and open atmosphere. Sanjeev’s interest in starting a new study in the Business field also drove him to pick Stenden.

Although he says the application process might look daunting at first, Sanjeev reassures prospective students that the step-by-step English instructions make it simple. He also says finding housing was quite easy; the Stenden housing office arranged his accommodation after a brief email exchange.

The only thing Sanjeev had to do was get to Emmen, which he describes as also relatively simple if you make use of the great public transport infrastructure that the Netherlands has to offer.

Living on campus

The accommodation that was arranged for Sanjeev through Stenden’s housing office is located just five minutes away from the university and is full of other international students. Making friends and getting to know lots of different people from different cultures is quite easy as everyone speaks English, although Sanjeev warns that this could also be a downside as learning Dutch becomes a bigger challenge if there are less opportunities to practice and use it. Sanjeev suggests that a good way to get around this hindrance is to take one of the Dutch courses offered by Stenden to help you learn and improve your Dutch.

Another tip Sanjeev has to offer is to make sure you get a bike as it is one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to get around in the Netherlands.

Sanjeev also has great things to say about the city of Emmen, describing it as a great, quiet place to study during the week with an active weekend life in the city’s centre. Groningen is close by for students who wish to explore or party in another historic student city.

According to Sanjeev, his decision to come and study at Stenden and live in the Netherlands is one of the best he’s ever made. He says it is truly a unique experience and one that should not be passed up if the opportunity presents itself.

To read more about Stenden's International Business & Languages programme, please visit the university's website.

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