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Collaboration HAN and Oxford in cancer research

13 February 2013, 01:58

Cancer research conducted by HAN students and teachers of Life Sciences and Biochemistry is used by Oxford University to do further research. The successful collaboration also resulted in 2 internship places for HAN students Oxford University.

Han University students.
HAN University Students

Breakthrough in cancer research, conducted by students and teachers of Life Sciences and Biochemistry department of HAN University of Applied Sciences, will lead to further research in Oxford University.

Main theme of this research project, sponsored by Shell and Syngenta, was to explore effect of certain substances on the reproduction and development of cancer tumors in human body. Experiments were made on mutant roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, a popular model in biochemistry researches.

On January 16th and 17th, 2013, Oxford University scientists, Dr. Allison Woollard, dean and lecturer, and her colleague researcher Dr. Samantha Hughes held lectures at HAN University, visited students’ presentations, and were impressed with the results of their research. HAN teachers commented it the way, that feedback and approval of this research on such high level worth much more than receiving a grade.

HAN research success will lead to further cancer research on C. Elegans at the department of Dr Hughes in Oxford University. Collaboration of two universities will also provide HAN students with 2 internship places at Dr. Woollard’s department in Oxford.

Video about visit of Dr. Allison Woollard and Dr. Samantha Hughes at HAN University of Applied Science:

Find more about Han University research and cooperation with Oxford at the university's research page.

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