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Innovative “Apollo” vehicle built by Inholland students to compete in Shell Eco-Marathon 2013 race

2 March 2013, 07:50

Technological developments of Inholland University students resulted with innovative Apollo vehicle, capable of covering 2.400 km on one liter of Bioethanol fuel. This car will participate in the 'Shell Eco-Marathon' race in Rotterdam in May 2013, and then will be recycled into wind wagon Anemo VI for the 'Racing Aeolus 2013' competition in August.

Apollo and Anemo projects
Anemo and Apollo vehicles

The Apollo vehicle, capable of driving 2,400km on one litre of Bioethanol fuel, was designed and built by Apollo team (Rootbox organization, www.rtbx.nl), in cooperation with students from the Aeronautical Engineering programme at the Delft campus of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. The team is aiming to make it into the top 10 at the Shell Eco-Marathon 2013 which will take place in Rotterdam on May 15th.

This race, which is an annual event in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, presents new technologies with the capabilities to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency and ecological compatibility.

Tens of self-built cars, designed by students from 26 countries and using different kinds of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol, GTL, hydrogen, and electricity, will try to cover the largest distance with the least amount of fuel. Some of the designs are modern in style, while others have a more classic appearance, but all of them are innovative and outline the future of the automobile industry.

In September 2012, the Apollo team already gained the ‘Wij Inholland’ award for the modern and sustainable development of their vehicle. This award provides a package of free training and coaching and allows for collaboration within an extensive network of professionals in the field of innovative engineering.

After the Shell Eco-Marathon race, the Apollo project will be converted into the Anemo project. By recycling Apollo vehicle parts, a new wind Anemo VI wagon will be built. This machine will take part in another competition, Racing Aeolus 2013, where wind engines will be represented. This race will be held in Den Helder, the Netherlands, from August 19th to the 25th.

Watch the video about last year’s Eco-Marathon:

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