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Announcements 4 March 2013, 21:34

If you’re considering visiting an Open Day at a Dutch University, it could be smart to combine it with informational events at other universities as well. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences provides prospective students with a flexible options of experiencing study programmes of this university during any day they are taught.

Students of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
Students of Wittenborg UAS

If you’re considering visiting an Open Day at a Dutch University, it could be smart to combine it with informational events at other universities as well. Viewing a variety of schools and programmes can help you compare and choose the best international education for your future.

One of the most worthwhile options is to become a student at a university for one day. Many institutions organise these events on a set scheduled basis, which can make it harder to include into your trip to the Netherlands, but some schools provide a more flexible approach.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, one of the smallest and most student-friendly professional universities in the Netherlands, offers the possibility to experience its study programmes during any day they are taught.

Wittenborg is an institution with a focus on entrepreneurship and business. This university offers 8 IBA programmes that are taught in English and can be started 6 times during each academic year, as well as the Euro BA Hospitality programme and 3 Master’s studies in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. Various scholarship options for talented EU and non-EU students are available for these programmes.

There are 3 main options that help students see what studying at Wittenborg is all about:

  • You can join first year students and follow a lesson or lesson week. This is the most popular option since you will have the same experience and knowledge as current Wittenborg students.
  • You can watch presentations of business projects and research. Blocks of lessons are concluded by project weeks with student presentations on the Thursday or Friday; these presentations can give you a clear understanding what a Wittenborg education entails.
  • You can follow seminars of final phase or postgraduate students that usually take place on Thursdays or Fridays throughout the year. Such seminars may be offered at a high academic level, but some of them are suitable for all students, such as the workshops based on interpersonal and intercultural skills.

All seminars start at 10 AM and last until 4 PM with a lunch break. Prospective students are invited to arrive half an hour before the seminar starts for a short preparation briefing. After the seminar, students can talk to one of the university staff members, ask any questions concerning application, and take a tour of the university and its facilities.

For registration details, please visit the Wittenborg Experience Day page.

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