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Why follow Media and Entertainment Management at Stenden?

Programmes Student stories 24 January 2014, 22:34

Tamara Buzyuk, student of Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) at Stenden University of Applied Sciences, tells about this Bachelor's programme, its importance, structure, facilities, and goals.

Tamara Buzyuk, student of Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) at Stenden University of Applied Sciences, tells about this Bachelor's programme, its importance, structure, facilities, and goals.

Media and Entertainment Management students, Stenden
MEM students, Stenden

Media is everywhere and it plays a crucial role in political, economic, social situation of each country and the world in the whole. The war in Iran is followed by all on Twitter. Barack Obama won his elections based on well-developed online marketing campaigns.

Media is update and actual information. It is in the center of the development and growth of the society and economy, it is our source of entertainment and relaxation: we read, we watch TV, we watch movies, listen to music, build a network, socialize and catch up with friends on Facebook, etc.

Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) course includes print, film, music, audio visual, online media, trends and current development in the media world. What makes Media en Entertainment Management course at Stenden so special?

Students of the MEM course at Stenden are swimming in the ocean of creativity and information. The students are well provided with library, I study, and with what is more important for future-to-be media managers, a well-equipped ‘Learning Company’ where every MEM student can develop and polish his or her media production skills and competences.

A big glass room equipped with Apple computers where students make their audio visual, print, music and online media assignments. MEM course is inspiring and full of freedom to explore and create. Every student of the MEM course has access to all facilities of the university. MEM students have their own television broadcast studio.

They can make their own reportages, write their own story line, choose the scenes and characters, and add music. Students are the directors, students are the bosses at studio. For music assignments students are supplied with a professional recording studio. As music producers and music managers, students looking for a band, record it in the recording studio, make a video clip and get a gig.media and entertainment programme at Stenden

In addition, there is advanced equipment available for students to use: HD cameras, microphones, tripod, rooms equipped with Apple computers for students to edit, ‘cut’ the material, add music or voice over and work with Indesign, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

What is even more remarkable about MEM is that the course is interactive. Students not only get lectures with professionals or tutors who share their expertise and working experiences with students (expertise in publishing, dj-ing, filming etc), they also use open source, the Internet.

MEM students use online sources of information and Facebook not only for private and personal interests. Students make use of MEM Facebook page where they can find useful discussions, interesting links and articles and it is all useful while preparing homework. Students join the group “Strategic Management in Media” on Facebook and follow actual discussions about media world: mobile industry and advertising, about the kings of social media, Apple and MTV and their business models, etc.

Lots of students at the end of their MEM course have started their own industries or entrepreneurships. Join the MEM course and it would support you in start-up of your career path.

Media and Entertainment Management course in about how having fun and do what you are interested in turns into a learning process of how to earn money and turn your talent into successful businesses.

What can be even better than this?

For details regarding the Media and Entertainment Management programme, please visit the Stenden University website.

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