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Student life at Windesheim Honours College

Student stories 15 April 2013, 16:46

First 2 years of education students of Windesheim Honours College live and study together in the student residence, located in the historical centre of Zwolle. This unique feature significantly helps college students with housing and allows them to form an international learning community which can benefit them in the number of ways.

City view from the student residence of WHC
View of Zwolle from the residence

Windesheim Honours College (WHC), founded by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, differs from other Dutch university colleges. While most of university colleges prepare students for Master’s programmes and scientific research, WHC offers undergraduate education that allows college alumni to start their professional career immediately after graduation.

The student residence, which is located in the historical centre of Zwolle, is another unique feature of WHC as students are required to live together on campus for the first two years of their programme. Living and studying together helps college students to form an international learning community which can benefit them in the number of ways.

Firstly, students communicate with one another outside of the classroom environment, learning to deal with other cultures while significantly upgrading their English skills. They can work on group projects, do homework, eat, play sports, and watch TV together which makes finding new friends much easier!Student residence of Windesheim Honours College

Secondly, students don’t have to search for housing when they come to study in the Netherlands. It is not a secret that finding a place to live in student cities can be a problem. But this is not the case for WHC students.

All students at WHC live in a modern ten-storey building with 14 single rooms and 1 double room on each floor. Every room has wireless internet, a small private kitchenette, and a private bathroom, which is quite unusual for student housing in the Netherlands. There is also a common room and a full kitchen on each floor where students can share their cooking secrets and spend their free time. Sports facilities are also available at the residence. Students can choose from a variety of activities including fitness, tennis, karate, and soccer.

Finally, students at WHC can enjoy the beautiful view from the residence windows! Zwolle is a very nice student city with parks, cafes, restaurants, shops, theatres, cinemas, and music festivals. Compared to big cities like Amsterdam, Zwolle is a quiet and safe place that is very friendly to those who like to go outside and bike around.

For information about study programmes, news, and schedules, please visit the Windesheim Honours College website.

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