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The First Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality in The Netherlands

Announcements 6 July 2013, 13:48

Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality education in Holland has been empowered by the creation of a new Centre of Expertise. NHTV Breda, HZ, and Stenden Universities of Applied Sciences are the institutions behind this initiative.

Academy for leisure, NHTV Breda
Academy for Leisure, NHTV Breda

Three Dutch universities of applied sciences, NHTV Breda, HZ, and Stenden have recently established a Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH). The Ministries of Education and Economic Affairs have invested funds in this centre, which is the first expertise centre in these fields in The Netherlands.

Why was CELTH founded?

The leisure, tourism, and hospitality sector is one of the most important in Holland as it directly affects the quality of lives in the country. But without innovative and entrepreneurial approaches, its development is impossible. CELTH was founded to facilitate the contribution of existing and new knowledge to this sector. The main goals of this centre are to:

  • conduct academic and applied research in the fields of leisure, tourism and hospitality;
  • share knowledge between universities and industry partners;
  • make new connections in these and related fields for further knowledge sharing;
  • contribute to sustainable economic development in The Netherlands;
  • improve the balance between life, work, and relaxation, and, as a result, the quality of life in The Netherlands.

Based on the results of various agendas and social research, CELTH identified the fields within the leisure, tourism and hospitality domains that require more knowledge. These are:

  • social and economic importance;
  • innovative entrepreneurship;
  • sustainable development;
  • development of (coastal) destinations.

How can CELTH benefit students?

More up-to-date knowledge will lead to the improvement of the quality of study programmes and designing tailor-made courses for professionals. Another noticeable advantage consists of more internship possibilities for leisure, tourism and hospitality programmes, provided by new industry partners.

It is currently not known if students at NHTV Breda, HZ, and Stenden universities will receive additional scholarships within this programme, but universities promise to publish more information about the centre soon.

More details about CELTH and its updates can be found at the ‘news’ page of NHTV Breda website.

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