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The Netherlands is the third study destination in Europe

Rankings 20 August 2013, 17:05

The Netherlands has become the third most popular country of study for international students. Analysis of the most popular destinations and disciplines in Europe revealed that interest in studying in Holland has grown by 29%.

Utrecht, The NetherlandsAccording to a new study done by, The Netherlands is the third study destination in Europe for international students. The Annual Study in Europe Interest Monitor was recently published for the first time, analysing data from two of the informational portals containing the most popular destinations and disciplines in Europe and The Netherlands.

The report focuses on trends in data on the sites, including the amount of visitors, the countries they come from, and the countries and study programmes they search for. Data was collected for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years. Using this information, the Monitor has reached several conclusions about The Netherlands and the students that wish to study there.

Interest in The Netherlands

Both European and non-European international students seemed to choose The Netherlands as third in their list of study destinations. European students showed the most interest in studying in the United Kingdom, followed by Germany. The Netherlands was next, but the difference between Germany and The Netherlands was very small (about 1%).

Non-European students also seemed to prefer The Netherlands as their third most popular study destination. In their case, the data showed Germany as most popular, followed by the United Kingdom.

Interest in studying in The Netherlands has grown by 29% comparing to the previous year’s data according to the report, while interest in studying in Europe has grown by roughly 34%.

Where is the interest coming from?

The report also provides Amsterdam, Hollandinformation about the origins of visitors, providing a list of the top 20 countries that show the most interest in The Netherlands:

  • Greece – 10%,
  • UK – 8%,
  • India, Germany – 6%,
  • US – 5%,
  • Pakistan, Iran, Romania, Canada, and Nigeria – 2%,
  • Ireland, France, Russia, Belgium, Indonesia, Ghana, and China – 1%.

Interest in The Netherlands has grown on average with regard to the top 20 countries. 12 out of 20 countries increased their interest in the 2012-2013 year, compared with the 2011-2012 year.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsComparing The Netherlands with the rest of Europe

The report also looked at interest in Dutch programmes compared with interest in other European countries and programmes. The results showed that Greek, British, German, American, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Irish, Belgian, Indonesian, and Chinese students all preferred studying in The Netherlands versus studying in another European country.

Indian, Turkish, Pakistani, and Iranian students, along with students coming from Nigeria, France, Russia, and Ghana showed more interest in other European countries than in The Netherlands. The only country that seemed to show equal interest in both The Netherlands and Europe was Canada.

Specific study areas

The most popular disciplines for international students wishing to study in The Netherlands:

  1. Business & Economics – 25%,
  2. Engineering & Technology – 21%,
  3. Social Sciences – 17%,
  4. Humanity and Arts – 9%,
  5. Natural Sciences – 7%,
  6. Life Sciences, Medicine and Health – 6%,
  7. Law – 5%,
  8. Applied Sciences, Professions and Arts – 5%,
  9. Environmental Sciences – 4%.

Of the top 3 disciplines however, it seems that interest in The Netherlands compared with the rest of Europe is only greater in Social Sciences. Engineering & Technology in The Netherlands is 7% below the European level of interest, with Business & Economics being about 1% lower compared with the rest of Europe. However, the disciplines of Humanities & Art, the Natural Sciences, and Law are also more popular in The Netherlands than in other European countries.

The report concludes that The Netherlands is the third most popular study destination for international students, suggesting that the amount of English-taught programmes could contribute to this result.

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