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Where can graduates of NHTV Breda University find jobs?

Programmes Student stories 27 August 2013, 08:12

Upon completing the International Hotel Management programme at NHTV Breda University, graduates can find interesting job opportunities in their homeland or abroad. One of NHTV’s former students is currently working in New Zealand. He shares information about his position and his study experience at the university.

NHTV Breda students work abroadThe International Hotel Management programme at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is the best hospitality programme in The Netherlands, according to the Keuzegids 2013 rankings. This result refers not only to the quality of the programme, but also to the employment rate of its graduates. 76% of these students find a job right after completing the course and receive an average salary of €2,164 a month, before tax.

Even though they start their careers at entry-level assistant positions, this Bachelor’s degree allows recent graduates to quickly rise up to the managerial level. Their possible positions may include nearly any job in the hospitality field, from purchaser to consultant to general manager of an international hotel.

NHTV Breda keeps an eye on its graduates. As a result, the institution has created a network of about 6,000 alumni who help improve study programmes for future students.

NHTV student shares his experience

One graduate from the NHTV International Hotel Management programme, Michel Brokke, former student of NHTV Breda UniversityMichel Brokke, found his first job in New Zealand. He is the concierge at Novotel Queenstown Lakeside. He came to New Zealand to receive some work experience after his graduation, before going on to do a Master’s course in Imagineering.

Although he considers himself somewhat overskilled for this position with his current degree, he finds his job very interesting because it is connected to nearly all of the popular activities in Queenstown. This fact allows him to meet a lot of new people, experience a lot of new things, and makes being a concierge quite exciting.

Describing the Hotel programme at NHTV, Michel says that the atmosphere and people there were great. Everything in the learning process was adapted to his needs which helped him make the best of his studies. He also highlights the focus on internationalisation which helps students to prepare for working abroad.

After this year in New Zealand, Michel is going to begin a Master’s programme in Imagineering at NHTV. He is sure that this programme will help him learn more about business innovations and ways to put these innovations into practice in the hotel management area.

Michel considers Breda University as the best choice for him. He encourages prospective students to find a school that perfectly fits their own needs and says that the only way to do so is to visit the university to see and feel what is going on inside.

Read Michel’s full story in the International Hotel Management section of NHTV’s website.

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29/08/2013, 12:47 # Marcus Pinto

"Where can graduates of NHTV Breda University find jobs?"

I hear that McDonalds is hiring.

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