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Dutch universities aim to attract more Indian and Indonesian students

16 November 2013, 07:04

Numerous studies have suggested significant growth of demand for higher education in India and Indonesia. Because of this growth, Dutch higher educational institutions have become more and more interested in attracting students from these countries.

Students of Maastricht School of ManagementOver the next 10 years the population of the Indian middle class is expected to reach 550 million, making it larger than the total European population. During this time, it is also expected that the demand for high quality higher education will grow by 18%, from 12% now to 30% by 2025. A similar trend is evident in Indonesia where more than 15,000 Indonesian students attended various events across the country that promoted studying abroad at Dutch institutions.

Non-EU citizens tuition fees will apply to Indian and Indonesian students. These are currently at €6,300 ($8,500 US) per year for Bachelor’s study programmes and start from €7,000 ($9,400 US) per year for Master’s programmes fees.

Demand for higher education increasing in India and Indonesia

Numerous studies have suggested that the amount of Indian students studying abroad will grow by 256% over the next 10 years. Economic growth in Indonesia is also encouraging recruitment abroad for Indonesian students wishing to attain a post-secondary education. Because of this increasing demand, Dutch higher educational institutions have become more and more interested in attracting students from these countries.

Plans to attract more students to Holland

Neso IndonesiaNuffic, the Dutch organisation that encourages and supports international cooperation in higher education, plans to open a fully equipped Neso office in India by 2014. At the moment there are two Nuffic Neso desks in the country that are helping to attract Indian students to study in Holland. One is located in the city of Chennai and another one is located in Ahmedabad. Due to their success, the organisation has decided to expand their efforts. The new Nuffic office will be located in Bangalore, the centre of research and development in higher education in India.

In Indonesia, efforts to attract more students to study in the Netherlands have also increased. 20% more Dutch institutions attended Nuffic’s Dutch placement days this year than last year. Events were held in Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta and students were able to talk to Dutch university representatives directly about their eligibility to study at a Dutch institution. The European Higher Education Fairs also helped Dutch universities promote themselves to almost 14,000 Indonesian students that attended the events in Surabaya and Jakarta.

Currently, there are 800 Indian students and 1,250 Indonesian students studying in the Netherlands.

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