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Student accommodation at the Amsterdam University College

Question and Answers 13 November 2014, 08:15

Students at Amsterdam University College do not need to arrange their own accommodation. For all three years of their Bachelor’s Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) programme they are provided with an apartment at the AUC student residence.

Students at the AUC campus in 2014Students at Amsterdam University College (AUC) do not need to arrange their own accommodation. For all three years of their Bachelor’s Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) programme they are provided with an apartment at the AUC student residence. This is a huge advantage for international students as finding housing in the Dutch capital can be quite challenging.

Another advantage to living in the residence buildings with other AUC students is the exposure to diverse backgrounds and cultures, outside of the boundaries of the study programme. This feature helps students expand their intercultural communication skills and turns the time spent on learning in Amsterdam into a truly international experience, essential for any future career.

Student residence

The AUC student residence is a modern complex. It was completed in 2008 and is located in Amsterdam’s Science Park, close to AUC’s new academic building. Its location allows students to enjoy the numerous facilities in the area, as well as the centre of the city which is easily accessible by bicycle or public transport.

The residence complex consists of several blocks with various accommodation units available. These include:

  • single units,
  • 2-person rooms, and
  • spacious apartments with several rooms for 3-4 students.

Corridors in the building are split into separate ‘strings’, with 10 to 15 units in each one, a storage room for bicycles and, often, a common living room. Each living unit has a small kitchenette and a separate bathroom with a toilet and a shower and all of them are supplied with underfloor heating. There is also a large courtyard, as well as balconies and loggias, where students can relax and take their time enjoying the fresh air.

Rent options and costs

Students that are accepted into an Amsterdam University College LAS programme sign a rental contract directly with the DUWO housing corporation which owns and runs the AUC student residences. At that time, they can indicate a preferable type of accommodation and the corporation will make its best efforts to fit the student’s needs. At the end of the first year of education students can change their preferences and move to a unit of another type.

Examples of basic furniture in the AUC student residenceRental prices of living units include such service costs as water, electricity, cleaning, rubbish collection, etc. Other expenses, such as internet, television, telephone, and municipal taxes, are excluded from the rental price and must be paid separately. A standard internet and TV package costs about € 27 a month and taxes for a one-person room are equal to € 355 a year.

Students with a low income can apply for the rent benefit (huurtoeslag) at the Dutch Tax Office, which exempts them from paying municipal taxes. To do this, international students must first receive a residence permit from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

With the rent benefit, a single room at the AUC residence costs approximately € 340 to € 365 a month (including rent, service prices, and a standard television and internet package). Otherwise, the cost rises to € 460 to € 485. Prices for shared accommodation are noticeably lower and depend on their types, usually costing about € 350 a month without rent benefit.

Other expenses to keep in mind are furniture and meals. Residence rooms are not furnished, except for curtains and floor-coverings, so AUC students must buy room and kitchenette items by themselves. To get started with the furnishing process, they can buy basic items via DUWO. Students are also fully responsible for their meals.

For more information about accommodation at Amsterdam University College please view the "student residence” section of the AUC’s website.

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