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Online portal about student accommodation in The Netherlands

Question and Answers 17 December 2013, 16:42

Finding accommodation in major Dutch student cities is not an easy task due to the gap between the number of students looking for a room and the number of available rooms. Browsing such websites as is one of the valuable options to start your search for a room.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsHolland is known for its wide variety of international students. These last years there has been a big boost of students from all over the world moving to the student cities in Holland. Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam are well known for their excellent universities and colleges. Thousands of students choose to start a study at these schools because of the high quality of education. But are there enough rooms for rent for this growing number of students? Is it even possible nowadays to find a room in Amsterdam?

Housing market

I’m afraid not. The shortage of suitable rooms and rental apartments is becoming a huge problem. In 2013 the total shortage of rooms was about 32.000 student rooms. And this number is growing. Because of new policies concerning the housing market several investors and corporations decided not to invest in new housing projects. Which meant that the gap between the number of students looking for a room and the number of available rooms grew even wider.

Student cities logoSo it’s no surprise that the student union LSVb is urging the government to take action by motivating housing developers and investors to start new projects. Especially in cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht it’s currently almost impossible to find a room. And if you do find one, you’ll pay hundreds of euros for a small room.

Find a room

Off course there are some ways to find a room. Start by exploring student websites that offer rooms throughout the Netherlands. Dutch online portal Kamers is an excellent option to start your search for a room. Another way is to join a fraternity. Fraternities often offer rooms for a payable price. Don’t hesitate to ask friends and people at universities and colleges if they know where to find a room. Every little advice can help you find that room you need. Good luck!

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