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Student at The Hague University talks about Financial Bachelor’s programme

Student stories 28 July 2014, 11:07

A first-year student, enrolled in the International Financial Management and Control (IFMC) Bachelor’s programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences shares her study experience and talks about plans for the future career.

Egle Vernait, The Hague University's studentEgle Vernait is a Lithuanian first-year student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She is enrolled in the International Financial Management and Control (IFMC) Bachelor’s programme. Below she shares her study experience and talks about plans for her future career.

Why the IFMC programme?

Egle came to study in the Netherlands after finishing a Bachelor’s in Cultural Eastern European Anthropology in her home country of Lithuania. The course provided her with a solid background in Sociology, but she felt that she still needed to broaden her education in economics and finance. She decided to apply to the international Bachelor in Financial Management and Control after hearing about the great reputation that The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) has globally.

The IFMC programme at The Hague University has helped her gain a better understanding of the theories she learned back home. She says that it has also helped her change her entire perspective on the world. Egle states that “Once you understand the structure and planning around certain subjects, you get a much better understanding of day-to-day issues.”

Why The Hague UAS?

Egle wanted to study at THUAS in order to tap into the many opportunities the institution provides in terms of work experience and internships. This essential advantage, alongside the practical help that students receive to help them kick-start their professional careers, was a driving factor in Egle’s decision to study in the Netherlands. “I knew THUAS has a good reputation for connecting students to the right people in the field. It’s one of the reasons I chose to study here.”

Experience with the programme

The theories that Egle is learning about from her textbooks are supplemented with lectures conducted by guest speakers and experts in the field. This additional more practical instruction adds even more value to the learning process at THUAS. After each study module, Egle and her fellow classmates apply their new knowledge through practical assignments.

Another important advantage is that students don’t have to choose their areas of interest right away. Egle is very interested in studying marketing, especially in a social media context, but she still partakes in a curriculum that covers all financial disciplines she might need in the future.

Practical assignments and working with diverse international groups

Four group assignments are scheduled for IFMC students throughout each study year. Egle’s first assignment consisted of working together with her group to devise a marketing plan for Ben & Jerry’s. Her particular role covered the group planning aspect where she was responsible for making sure everyone in the group was working together towards their main goal.

“The projects themselves are fun”. The most challenging part of the first project, according to Egle, was communicating with fellow team members as nearly all of them came to Holland from the different countries. She noticed certain differences between cultures. For example, Chinese students tried to work individually, solving problems on their own before returning to the team with ideas, while Russians and Slovakians tended to consult with each other to reach a solution.

While her previous degree in Sociology helped Egle with her role as group planner, finding a balance between different approaches was still difficult. However, learning how to cooperate with an international team has helped Egle understand how to make compromises which she knows will be very important in any work environment in her future.

Plans for the future

Egle hopes to complete an internship at Google during her third and fourth year of the programme. She believes it would be a perfect start to her professional career. Eventually, she would like to work in an international company as a financial controller or maybe become an entrepreneur herself. “I hear from many alumni that by the time you finish the IFMC you’ll know all the ins and outs of any business, which makes it a lot easier to start your own.”

For more information about Egle’s programme, please visit the International Financial Management and Control page on the Hague UAS website.

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