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Bachelor’s students at NHTV Breda will learn how to start their own companies

Programmes 20 July 2014, 11:19

Do you plan to set up your own business while studying at the Bachelor’s programme or right after graduation? NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity to learn how to put your business idea to practice while following your regular Bachelor’s course. You can even receive funding for the company start-up!

NHTV Breda's studentsDo you plan to establish your own business after graduation or even while completing your Bachelor’s programme? NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity to learn how to put your business idea into practice while following your regular Bachelor’s courses. You can even receive funding for your company’s start-up!

The Honors Track for Entrepreneurship is an extracurricular 2 year track designed for 2nd and 3rd year students enrolled in Bachelor’s programmes at NHTV Breda UAS. It consists of courses, presentations, coaching, and assignments all related to your own business idea. The track’s only goal is to turn your idea into the beginning of a new, successful company.

Features of the Honors Track for Entrepreneurship

  • The course is worth 20 ECTS.
  • You will receive an annotation on your degree.
  • It is an opportunity to work on your innovative business during your formal school education.
  • Everything you learn during the programme will be linked directly to your own business idea.
  • You will be guided by professionals from all NHTV academies, as well as external coaches.
  • You will expand your network and begin your professional career with a head start.
  • The honors track requires no extra costs.
  • The track offers more possibilities to find a placement suitable for entrepreneurs.
  • The most promising business ideas will be funded by the university!

Requirements for students

The Entrepreneurship Honors Track starts in November. By that time, to be eligible for the course, you must:

  • Logo of the Honors Track EntrepreneurshipSuccessfully complete the first year of your Bachelor’s programme at NHTV Breda UAS.
  • Have 60 ECTS points.
  • Have a viable business idea.
  • Successfully complete an assessment interview of 30 minutes.
  • Demonstrate your motivation and personality during the interview and in the documents you attach to the registration form.

The course is taught entirely in English. Classes are held once a week in the evenings and generally last about 3 hours. Most assessments will be made through presentations you give that will be related to new concepts you learn to use throughout your study.

To read more information and watch a video about the course, please visit the Honors Track Entrepreneurship page on NHTV Breda’s website.

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