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Athletes can obtain study grants at Hanze UAS

Grants Programmes 12 August 2014, 09:53

Professional student athletes at Hanze UAS, Groningen can integrate their training sessions and competitions into their regular degree programme and can even receive a top sport study grant!

Groningen, the NetherlandsProfessional student athletes at Hanze UAS, Groningen can integrate their training sessions and competitions into their regular degree programme and can even receive a top sport study grant!

Top sport degree track at Hanze UAS

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, offers a “top sport degree track” for students who would like to combine their formal higher education with their athletic ambitions. This track provides talented athletes with the opportunity to get the best out of their sport while also preparing them for working careers.

To achieve top results, professional sportsmen require innovative facilities and a lot of time for training. The need for qualified coaching in various fields, such as nutrition, physiotherapy, technology, and more, is even more important to ensuring the success of an athlete.

The top sport degree track is a tailor-made programme for top athletes at Hanze UAS and is built around these needs. Students can adapt all the components of their regular programme, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, and examinations, to fit within their intensive athletic training schedule and competitions. They also receive support from the various Hanze UAS schools in order to make their sporting career even more successful.

As a result, sport students at Hanze UAS can both:

  • develop their sport talents in full, and
  • obtain a regular higher education degree, which enables them to begin a professional career after graduation if they would like.

Sport study grant for top athletes

Students with extraordinary athleticism can be awarded the top sport study grant. This grant is a financial support from the Hanze UAS which covers one year of education at the university. Students may only apply for this grant two times during their study.

Sport Management student account

Bas de Haan, a Sport Management studentBas de Haan, a Sport Management student at Hanze UAS, says "Is it difficult to combine a top sport career with a social career? It isn't if you're studying or going to study at Hanze UAS.” He encourages top athletes to find out more about this unique programme offered at Hanze and he adds that “there are already 85 elite athletes at our UAS doing top performances”.

The programme and study grant gives competitors the option to “score in both your studies and top sport”, making it an attractive possibility for athletes who want to pursue both goals.

How to apply?

If you are interested in the top sport degree track at Hanze UAS or need some additional information, the university has a top sport coordinator available to answer any questions and help arrange this opportunity as part of your study. The sport coordinator will examine your circumstances and will be able to help you explore the possibilities available.

For more details and contact information related to the track, please visit the “Top sport” page on the Hanze UAS website.

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