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IGAD student at NHTV Breda shares his university experience

Student stories 29 January 2015, 08:32

Student from England, enrolled in International Game Architecture and Design programme at NHTV Breda University share his study experience and tell how he chose this institution and course.

Students of the IGAD programme at NHTV Breda UASNHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences offers an International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) programme. Brenden Gibbons is currently enrolled in this programme at the university. He says he chose it while visiting the NHTV campus during one of their Open Day events. He was encouraged by the passion that students and teachers showed for the programme and he decided to apply to become a part of it.

Another enticing reason to choose NHTV Breda over a university in his home country, England, was the cost. Brenden paid €1,906 in tuition fees for one year. He would have paid €11,416 per year if he had stayed in England to complete his degree. Seeing no real difference in the quality of education, Brenden preferred to save the €9,510 yearly while also taking advantage of studying abroad.

The IGAD programme

Students at NHTV's Open DayBrenden describes the International Game Architecture and Design programme as a study in how to make video games fun. He is working towards becoming a video game designer, charged with creating a gaming world and designing every aspect of it. He says he is learning how to “craft an experience” that can make the player have fun, or even feel certain emotions such as happiness or sadness, while interacting with the virtual world he’s made.

The passion that his classmates and teachers have for video game creation is one of the best things about studying at NHTV Breda, according to Brenden. He describes the atmosphere as “very nice and welcoming” and says that he’s come across a number of amazing opportunities posted by other students or teachers that he otherwise may never have seen. He’s also learned about a number of projects and tools through the tight-knit community that the gaming programme has provided him with.

Another benefit of being part of the gaming community at NHTV Breda is the assortment of game-related events that students are able to take advantage of. Brenden has attended events hosted in the Netherlands, as well as travelling to Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, and Sweden for other events. He’s been able to meet other game developers through these events, reaffirming for Brenden that what he’s currently studying can lead him to a great career in the video game industry.

NHTV and the city of Breda

Along with the various game-related events, Brenden has also had the opportunity to join multiple clubs at NHTV Breda, including theatre clubs, dance crews, choir clubs, the “Creative Lab” organisation, and even a film project connected to the virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift. He describes the campus as friendly with lots of spaces to study and work in.

As for the city itself, Brenden says Breda lacks a good place to dance, but has an active nightlife. He also says that there is a good design museum and multiple art and design events throughout the year, as well as many city-wide festivals and parties, for those less interested in the nightlife. In addition to these, the city has a concert hall that hosts various bands and other music-related events. Brenden describes Breda as a student city with plenty of activities to take part in for those interested and willing to try something new.

To read more and view a movie about International Game Architecture and Design programme, please visit NHTV’s website.

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