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Saxion helps graduates find their first jobs in Holland

Student stories Work in Holland 26 May 2015, 15:20

Do you plan to stay in the Netherlands after graduation and search for a job? Saxion University of Applied Sciences provides its alumni an excellent opportunity to enter Dutch and international job market well prepared via the Connect International Talent programme.

Students of Saxion UniversityDo you plan to stay in the Netherlands and search for a job after graduation? Saxion University of Applied Sciences provides its alumni an excellent opportunity to enter the Dutch and international job market well-prepared through their “Connect International Talent” programme.

This joint programme between Saxion UAS and Twente University aims to connect recent graduates with potential Dutch employers. Saxion University uses its extensive network of companies and organizations in various industries all over the country to provide students with a traineeship or career “incubatorship” for 3 to 12 months.

The Connect International Talent programme has already proven its effectiveness with more than 75% of trainees receiving a job offer from their employers at the end of the traineeship period.

Selection procedure

The programme is designed for international students who are graduating from Saxion and Twente Universities (excluding those receiving the NFP scholarship). The application must be made in April or May of the year of graduation. All information regarding the application process is provided to eligible candidates by their university via the university’s website and direct email contact.

Interviews will be held to determine eligible students’ English language skills, motivation, and commitment to completing their degree programme. A final selection will then be made based on these interviews. Students with knowledge of the Dutch language have an edge both in selection and in finding a suitable place for traineeship. Dutch languages skills are also a huge asset for a student’s CV and will noticeably improve their chances to actually be hired after the traineeship is completed.

Preparation workshops

Selected candidates will take part in a series of workshops to prepare them for their first job in the Netherlands. This preparation consists of Dutch language classes and sessions on how to write a successful CV. Graduates will also get the chance to improve their networking, presentation, and intercultural skills, as well as learn more about important legal issues regarding the Dutch labour market.

At the same time, all graduates who take part in the Connect International Talent programme are expected to be proactive and search for traineeship placements matching their CVs on their own. Such placements may include technical or managerial positions in multinational companies or small and medium enterprises in the Netherlands.

When an employer and a trainee agree to cooperate, they sign a temporary labour contract for a period of 3 to 12 months. The trainee will either be responsible for a specific project or is involved in the daily work of a department. The trainee will need to arrange a “search year” visa in order to work during this traineeship period. Upon completion of the traineeship, the employer can extend the contract with the trainee and hire him or her as a “highly skilled migrant”. Feedback from trainees Here is what some of Saxion’s alumni participating in the Connect International Talent programme have to say about their traineeships:

Sameer AhmedSameer Ahmed, trainee at De Lage Landen: “It is extremely difficult to find a job in The Netherlands due to the fact that most international students do not speak the language. Connect has given me the opportunity to connect with organisations by using its extensive network.

The Connect training sessions conditioned me towards the ‘Dutch mindset’ in a professional working environment. Moreover, the Dutch language course enabled me to overcome the language barrier in the workplace. Regarding my future plans: I am here to stay!”

Wanshu ZhangWanshu Zhang, trainee at INDES: “In 2009, Indes opened Indes Far East in China and I’m training the workers in the China office on setting up their ERP system. I play an intermediate role between the Chinese workers and their Dutch colleagues and managers. I am also engaged in financial trade.

The training sessions Connect offered made it easier for me to adapt to the Dutch working environment, to plan my work well and to value working in a team.”

Temona Diriyai, trainee at ASML: "During my traineeship, I learnt the importance of preparation, as well as how to rationalise decisions and convince people. And maybe the most important thing of all - not to shy away from a challenge!

For me, the Saxion Connect traineeship represented a unique chance, and it definitely played a significant role in me being able to join ASML."

To read more stories about Saxion’s graduates and to see additional information regarding the Connect International Talent programme, please visit Saxion University’s website.

Read more about Saxion's Connect International Talent programme.

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