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IBMS student at Fontys shares his university experience

Student stories 23 September 2015, 07:46

Maksim Krupnov is a student of International Business and Management Studies at Fontys University. In this arrticle, he talks about his programme choice, studying at the university, and the introduction week in Venlo.

Maksim Krupnov, IBMS student at Fontys UniversityMy name is Maksim Krupnov. I am from Astrakhan, Russia. I am 18 years old and I am studying International Business and Management Studies at Fontys International Business School in Venlo, the Netherlands.

“IBMS was the program that I would like to study”

Only a few weeks ago I arrived in Venlo. It wasn’t easy to make a choice of the university abroad but I knew what I was looking for and I found it here in Fontys International Business School. First things that came to my mind after reading some basic information were: practical experience, international environment, interesting programs and internships. That is why I decided to study International Business and Marketing Studies as it was the program that I would like to study and to get a lot of practical skills during it.

“Be ready to work”

And now I have already started this course. I can say that I enjoy it very much: the lecturers are experienced and pleasant, ready to answer any question you will ask. The program is interesting, modern, related to nowadays business but also strict. If you have chosen it, be ready to work because there is a big amount of the information that you need to learn and understand. Sometimes I even can’t imagine that I am already in the Netherlands in Venlo studying what I wanted in the high school.

The preparation for studying here was also not a fast process. Firstly, I successfully passed the IELTS exam, needed for enrolling at the university. Secondly I finished my high school and received my final diploma. And finally, I finished with all necessary documents for Visa and residence permit.

“The introduction week was funny and useful”

The acquaintance with Fontys started on the 1st September due to the introduction week. This week was very funny and useful. All the students were divided into their classes, we met every lecturer, got acquainted with the rules of the university. Also we had a tour in the campus to know all the corners of it as well as the city tour which was made to let us know the history of Venlo, its present and what is offered to students.

“Everything here is closer to the real life”

Although, there are some differences between the way of teaching at home and here. Here there are more practical tasks, everything is closer to the real life and you need to cooperate with your classmates, meet some cultural differences because of the big number of international students from all over the world.

If you are looking for a study program abroad, firstly, decide in which sphere you would like to work in the future. Secondly, choose a country that is the best or is quickly growing in that sphere. Finally, choose the university you like more in this country.

So what can you study at Fontys?

Fontys Venlo. Photo by Bart van Overbeeke.Fontys offers a ranges of English taught bachelor programs in international business, logistics, agriculture, technics, and software engineering. All these programs are 4 years long.

At Fontys we belief that you prepare best for the business world by putting theory immediately into practice. That’s why our programs include a lot of practical training like workshops, projects, presentations, and internships.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for studying at Fontys is € 6,400 a year. Which is cheaper than study programs in the UK and the USA. Whereas if you study in the Netherlands, you do not only have the opportunity to study in English and for a lower tuition fee, but you can also learn more about different countries as it is so centrally located within Europe.

Do you want to learn more about Fontys? Feel free to check the testimonials of our Russian speaking students on Youtube and check our webpage: 

Learn more about Fontys.

Moreover, feel free to contact our representative Linda Bouwman through L.bouwman@fontys.nl.

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