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ICT student at Fontys talks about studying in the Netherlands

Student stories 22 October 2015, 17:06

My name is Daria Mikhailovskaia. Currently I am a second year student in the field of ICT and software engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Daria Mikhailovskaia, ICT student at Fontys EindhovenMy name is Daria Mikhailovskaia. Currently I am a second year student in the field of ICT and software engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Fontys is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands having around 40,000 students. The university offers various programmes – from Mechatronics to International Marketing, though most programmes offered in English in the city of Eindhoven are technology oriented.

“Students get to apply their knowledge”

Fontys campuses are situated in three cities – Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo. I’m studying in Eindhoven. This city is the centre of a so-called Brainport region where many hi-tech companies are situated, which provide a lot of opportunities for students. For example, for half a year, 3rd year students spend on an internship in one of these hi-tech companies. This is a great advantage, as students get to apply their knowledge in real situations.

The education system at Fontys as well as at other universities of applied sciences is practice-oriented. Students acquire essential theory during classes, yet they are supposed to collect extra information by themselves. The bigger part of the lessons is about applying their gained knowledge into practice.

“Student life here is interesting, bright and busy”

Students of Fontys Eindhoven. Photo by Bart van OverbeekeMany study programmes have an own student organisation. These organisations organise different events – both educational and entertaining, including company visits and workshops as well as parties and quiz nights, etc. These make student life interesting, bright and busy. Every student can join organisations and help improving university life.

I really like studying at Fontys and life in the Netherlands in general. I got used to the changes quite fast and now enjoy being here a lot. It is a great experience which will definitely be helpful in life.

So what can you study at Fontys?

Fontys offers a range of English taught Bachelor’s programmes in international business, logistics, agriculture, technics, and software engineering. All these programmes are 4 years long.

At Fontys we belief that you prepare best for the business world by putting theory immediately into practice. That’s why our programs include a lot of practical training like workshops, projects, presentations, and internships.

The tuition fee for studying at Fontys is € 6400 a year. Which is cheaper than study programs in the UK and the USA. Whereas if you study in the Netherlands, you do not only have the opportunity to study in English and for a lower tuition fee, but you can also learn more about different countries as it is so centrally located within Europe.

Do you want to learn more about Fontys? Feel free to check the testimonials of our Russian speaking students on Youtube and the university webpage:

Learn more about programmes at Fontys.

Open Days at Fontys

Besides that, Fontys offers different open days, which you may visit if you are motivated to learn more about studying at Fontys. Our open days for this season take place on the following days:

  • 13-14 November, campus Eindhoven
  • 20-22 November, campus Venlo
  • 23-25 January, campus Venlo
  • 30-31 January, campus Eindhoven
  • 15-17 March, campus Venlo

You can register on the Fontys University website:

Sign up for the Fontys Open Day.

Moreover, feel free to contact our representative Linda Bouwman through L.bouwman@fontys.nl.

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