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Prospective students can take exams at Nuffic Neso offices

Announcements 21 April 2016, 08:49

This spring, Nuffic Neso’s regional offices will begin to carry out entrance examination for overseas prospective students applying at Dutch universities. The exams will assess knowledge in Math and disciplines related to Business studies.

Prospective students at Neso Russia officeThis spring, Nuffic Neso’s regional offices will begin to administer the entrance examinations that prospective international students must complete before applying to some Dutch university programmes. These exams assess knowledge in math and disciplines related to business studies.

Many universities in the Netherlands accept new students without an entrance assessment. However, certain fields of study expect students to have a specific level of knowledge prior to applying for a programme in those fields.

In most cases, a student’s level can be assessed via telephone or Skype, but universities sometimes ask applicants to come to the Netherlands in person and pass a written exam. Travelling to the Netherlands to write the exam and then heading back home costs students extra money and time.

To exempt prospective students from this unnecessary travel, universities have begun allowing students to take the Math and Business exams at Nuffic Neso offices. Nuffic Neso represents and promotes Dutch education abroad and the organisation has offices in 11 countries. 7 of them will begin administering exams this spring with the assistance of teachers from local universities.

The following countries will begin holding exams through their Neso office: India, Indonesia, Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico, and Korea. If successful, the exam model will be expanded to other Neso offices.

Please contact your local Neso office to find out more details regarding entrance exams.

Read more about enrollment criteria at Dutch universities for students from various countries.


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