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Wittenborg College prepares students for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes

Programmes Language 14 December 2016, 07:34

Language college at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences organises preparatory courses for prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The courses help students to improve their English skills to the level of acceptance for the university programmes. They also introduce them Dutch teaching methods and provide basic knowledge in the field of Business.

Students with a teacher in the Wittenborg classroomWittenborg College, part of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, organises preparatory courses for prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The courses help students improve their English skills to the level of acceptance for the university’s programmes. They also introduce students to Dutch teaching methods and provide basic knowledge in the field of Business.

All programmes at Wittenborg University are taught in English which means students need to have good command of this language in order to be able to successfully complete a study programme. That is why the institution requires students to pass an English language test prior to applying. To enroll in a Bachelor’s programme, a score of at least 6.0 in the IELTS test is required, while a Master’s programme requires an IELTS score of at least 6.5. If test results are insufficient, additional preparation must be completed before being accepted into a study programme at Wittenborg.

Students can work to improve their English skills at home or through taking language courses. They may also choose to complete the preparatory programme at Wittenborg University. This is a more expensive option, but preparation is more effective because it includes English language modules, as well as modules in disciplines related to future Bachelor’s or Master’s studies. These courses are also known as "foundation programmes" because they build a strong foundation for further educational pursuits.

Preparation for the Bachelor’s programmes

Wittenborg UAS offers an International Business Administration (IBA) Bachelor’s programme with 10 different specialisations which take 3 years to complete. Bachelor’s preparatory courses last 6 or 12 months, depending on the student’s initial English level.

Upon completing the preparatory course, students can begin their Bachelor’s study right away. Due to Wittenborg’s unique block structure, Bachelor’s programmes have 6 entry points throughout the year instead of just a spring and fall intake. This schedule also applies to the school’s preparatory courses. Once the preparatory course is complete, students don’t need to wait for their Bachelor’s programme to begin, but can just continue on with their study.

Preparation for the Master’s programmes

Master of Science programmes at Wittenborg University prepare students for careers in the Hotel, Events, and Tourism industries. Programmes start in October and last 12 months. The pre-Master’s course starts in February and lasts 6 month, adding a term to the beginning of a Master’s study.

The pre-Master’s and Master’s programmes can be combined in the 18-month Master of Science Combi Package, a single study programme. It’s important to note that students can wait until the end of the preparatory term to select their study path.

Foundation programmes at Wittenborg College are suitable for students who need to improve their English skills or are just starting to study in the Business field. For more details regarding these courses, please visit Wittenborg University’s website.

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