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Students assess NHTV Breda and other Dutch universities in National Student Survey

Rankings 19 May 2016, 09:22

Studiekeuze123, a Dutch student guide, has published the results of the National Student Survey (NSE) for 2016 in which NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences has achieved better scores than the national average in nearly all categories.

The NHTV students at an education fairStudiekeuze123, a Dutch student guide, has published the results of the National Student Survey (NSE) for 2016 in which NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences has achieved better scores than the national average in nearly all categories.

Every year, Dutch students assess research universities and universities of applied sciences by completing the National Student Survey. The results of this survey are used to compile the national Elsevier and Keuzegids rankings which help prospective students choose a school in the Netherlands.

Students evaluate institutions in 17 categories including study content, career preparation, teacher qualification, examination, learning facilities, internships, and housing accessibility. The survey results contribute to the overall reputation of Dutch universities.

Over 300 000 students participated in the 2016 survey, an amount higher than any previous year.

Dutch university results

This year, universities in the Netherlands received higher scores from students than in 2015, with universities of applied sciences improving more than research universities. Most students are satisfied with the study content of their programme, the impact of internships, and the fact that the study process meets their expectations.

Study content at universities of applied sciences received positive scores from 60% of students, which is 1,7% higher than in 2015. At research universities, 72,4% students like what they study (˄0,5%).

Internships are also positively perceived by 74,4% of students. Students are satisfied with placements as they match course content and provide relevant practical experience. They also like the guidance they receive at companies.

Studying meets expectations for the majority of freshmen students. At universities of applied sciences, 68,9% of students (˄1,6%) like how programmes correlate with what they expected prior to applying. 74,3% of students (˅0,3%), can say the same about research universities.

There are also several areas where Dutch universities can improve, according to students. Students were dissatisfied with untimely publication and updates of the programme timetables. They would also like to receive more attention from their personal study mentors.

NHTV Breda University results

The National Student Survey doesn’t compare universities with each other. Instead, it is possible to compare a university’s results with the national average. This year, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences reconfirmed its top status. The university’s results were higher than the national average in almost all categories.

Elsevier andd Keuzegids labelsStudents at NHTV are most satisfied with the study environment, career preparation, and mentoring at the school. NHTV Breda has also improved in providing students with timely updates regarding their study program and schedule, making it one of the few Dutch vocation universities that has improved in this area. Students also like the study content, lectures, group size, and housing that the university provides.

However, students were displeased with the availability of workstations and sport facilities at NHTV Breda. Some of them also believe that they spend too much time getting to classes.

See the detailed NSE scores for NHTV Breda University and its programmes (.pdf):

The overall results of the 2016 National Student Survey show that students are generally satisfied with studying at Dutch universities. Universities will be able to take into consideration the opinions of students to continue improving so that they can offer an even better educational experience.

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