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MBA as a gateway to European market; Nyenrode redesigns its core programme

Programmes 19 August 2016, 12:34

Having an MBA degree is extremely advantageous for a business professional. Diplomas obtained at renowned schools allow graduates to obtain top positions at companies around the world, increasing their income anywhere from 25 to 50%. For Nyenrode Business University alumni, the limits extend even further.

European Immersion Modules of Nyenrode's full-time MBAHaving an MBA degree is extremely advantageous for a business professional. Diplomas obtained at renowned schools allow graduates to obtain top positions at companies around the world, increasing their income anywhere from 25 to 50%. For Nyenrode Business University alumni, the limits extend even further.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit has revamped its full-time International Master’s of Business Administration (IMBA) programme. As of 2016, students will learn modern business practices alongside subject theory. They will also have the opportunity to sharpen their skills in European business centres like Dublin, Milan, Brussels, London, and Copenhagen through participating in European Immersion Modules. During these trips, students will be working on actual business projects that can be added to their CVs, significantly increasing their chances to quickly begin their careers in Europe upon graduating.

What is “business practice”?

Business practice is a study module that is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge they need to solve a real-life business case.

Before the revamp: Students at Nyenrode were studying separate subjects like business, economics, finance, and marketing using a theory-based model. They were then presented with a business case to solve. This structure required students to try to remember the theory they had learned throughout their study, figure out which pieces of knowledge they needed, and attempt to properly apply that knowledge to the task at hand.

After the revamp: The MBA study’s structure has become focused on business practices. Students are more involved in the current activities of various European companies and are able to explore them from an insider’s perspective while completing their study.

“It breaks with the tradition of providing stand-alone courses and modules. Instead, IMBA now focuses on teaching core business skills that reflect the demands of business and management,” says Professor Dr. Dennis Vink, Programme Director.

What’s the gain: Nyenrode’s MBA alumni will be able to apply the knowledge they need to handle projects properly, having the skills to quickly build a team and successfully manage its efforts. As a result, graduates will achieve goals faster with more profit and higher rates of success. Alumni of Nyenrode’s revamped MBA programme are expected to have an income that is, on average, 50% higher than graduates of the old programme.

New business practices focus helps graduates launch careers and boosts incomes

European Immersion Modules open more doors

The Nyenrode MBA programme is designed for business professionals who already have at least a few years of work experience. Just learning theory and putting it into practice, while helpful, is not enough to excel. Students need to train their leadership skills to become effective business administrators. The fastest way to learn how to do so is to have a glimpse at the work processes of current administrators at successful companies and organisations. And, if you are going to pursue a career in Europe, learning from European best practices and companies is advantageous.

Before the revamp: Previous MBA intakes at Nyenrode have also offered plenty of practice to students. However, work experience opportunities were mostly limited to the Netherlands, with students also having the chance to visit China and South Africa. While these trips were useful for students wishing to work in those regions, they didn’t give much career insight to students who wanted to focus on European countries.

After the revamp: The redesigned MBA programme at Nyenrode includes European Immersion Modules in Dublin, Milan, Brussels, London, and Copenhagen. Students receive work experience in these global business centres, familiarising themselves with best practices in Europe and starting to build their professional network as a result. All of the projects they take part in can be added directly to their CVs as relevant work experience.

What’s the gain: Student are much better prepared to work at European companies. This opens doors for them upon graduation, allowing them to achieve more faster.

European Immersion Modules facilitate career starts at European companies

Visiting London on a study trip

The European study trips were tested by the previous MBA intake which took part in the London Banking Tour. Students visited Bridgepoint Capital Group, one of the top four private equity firms in London, MAN Group, the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund, British financial regulator FCA, and other tier one investment banks and investment houses.

Roberto Nieves from Mexico was one of the MBA students who participated in the trip. Here is what he had to say about the experience: “The level of teaching and discussion provided by the professors has been superb. The strategic finance module afforded us the opportunity to learn from finance professionals that had not only mastered the hard academic side, but also had long and considerable experience in top investment banks, and trading firms in London.”

In 2015, Nyenrode’s International MBA programme was ranked 35th in Europe by the Financial Times rankings. With its newly established European orientation, the programme will surely considerably improve its position in the ranking.

Applying for Nyenrode’s International MBA programme

The next academic year for Nyenrode’s full-time International MBA will begin on October 10th, 2016. The study is taught entirely in English and takes one year to complete.

EU students can still apply for this year’s start date as the final application deadline is September 1st. The application for non-EU students has already closed for the current intake, but the university will begin accepting applications for the next intake period in a few months.

Find more details regarding the International MBA programme at Nyenrode and download the application form on the university’s website.

If you want to make sure Nyenrode’s IMBA is for you or if you have any questions left, register for a free personal consultation via Skype or telephone.

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