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Free webinar: Master’s programme in Electrical Engineering at TU Eindhoven

Announcements 28 October 2016, 11:59

Our society is based on electronic technologies. Medical robots help to diagnose and cure diseases. Sensor systems automatise production. Web applications enable communication from anywhere in the world. That is why engineers are on the edge of social progress and results of their work directly affect our lives.

A robot created by TU Eindhoven studentsMuch of our society is based on electronic technologies developed by engineers. Medical robots help to diagnose and cure diseases, sensor systems automate and speed up production, and web applications enable communication worldwide. None of these technologies would exist without skilled engineers; their work drives social progress and has a direct impact on our lives.

Eindhoven University of Technology offers a Master’s programme in Electrical Engineering. This programme prepares researchers and developers for the healthcare, communication, energy, and automotive industries. Students study in the city of Eindhoven, a European capital of technology and innovation and home to the headquarters of many international corporations.

TU Eindhoven has organised a free webinar to help prospective students discover details about the MSc Electrical Engineering programme. This event will take place on the 8th of November, 2016, at 15:00 CET.

Introduction to the Master’s programme

The Electrical Engineering Master’s programme at TU Eindhoven is taught in English and takes two years to complete. Students study core disciplines, including physics, mathematics, and digital technologies, and then can choose a specialisation to focus on.

Students are able to choose a specific research theme. Available themes include Care and Cure, Smart and Sustainable Society, and the Connected World. They also select one of two special tracks, either Care and Cure or Broadband Telecommunication Technology. To help broaden their horizons further, the university also has several elective courses to choose from that students complete as part of their programme.

The university’s corporate partners offer opportunities to research and develop new products throughout the programme’s duration. Upon graduation, alumni are able to begin their professional career or apply for further study at the PhD level.

Webinar details and registration

The webinar will begin with a presentation from the Electrical Engineering programme’s director, Huug de Waardt. He will discuss admission requirements, the programme’s structure, and prospective career opportunities for graduates.

Following that, a current TU Eindhoven student will share his experiences regarding studying and student life in Eindhoven. At the end of the event attendees will be able to ask any questions they have regarding the programme, answered by the presenters.

Attending the webinar is free, but it does require registration. Providing information during the registration process about what is of particular interest to you (for example, admission requirements, student life, living in the Netherlands, etc.) will help the speakers prepare to make the event especially useful.

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