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Online Open Days turn into a must for both universities and prospective students

Announcements 17 November 2016, 14:58

Online Open Days, also called interactive Study Abroad Webinars, offered by The Study Abroad Portal are becoming increasingly popular.

The Study Abroad Portal organises webinars with TU Eindhoven and other renowned universities. The webinar producer: Simon BurgarOnline Open Days, also called interactive Study Abroad Webinars, offered by The Study Abroad Portal are becoming increasingly popular.

The new efficient smart service used by the students when doing their university research was established 4 years ago, after having been requested by a series of prestigious universities. The year to date numbers of both the university webinars and the average participants in each one of them clearly prove their strong demand.

A 45 to 60-min session that connects the university professors and the programme directors with the prospective students worldwide, offering them an in-depth insight into all related aspects of the course, is turning into a need among the highly digital academic community.

Establishing the Online Open Days

The traditional university open day is a great chance for the students to get exposed to the campus life and get a good overview about the city, the university and the department they are interested to apply for. Nevertheless, due to the lack of time, the travel costs and the high visit expenses, the majority of the international students do not have the opportunity to visit one or more institutions in order to gather the information needed and make the right decision for their future.

Recognising the difficulty and the need to offer those students an alternative, The Study Abroad Portal provides them with the solution regardless their financial status. Organising, and now establishing, free interactive online sessions open to all the interested students, the portal creates a friendly environment between the university speakers and the attendees that feel comfortable to ask any questions they have from home.

Benefits for the students

With the market trend becoming the norm amongst the highly digital new generation of students in their search for information about different Bachelor, Master, PhD or MBA programmes, the students have a lot of reasons why they turn to the Study Abroad Portal’s Online Open Days. They are welcome to join as many Online Open Days as they wish for free, without having to spend time and money on travelling, and get detailed information about specific study programmes in a live online interactive session with helpful admissions officers and existing students of the university.

Webinars for Bachelor's and Master's studentsIn numbers

Running the last 3 months of 2016 with 40 Online Open Days already completed and 86 more coming up until the end of the year, and with an average of 100,8 registrations per webinar (October 2016 data), the number of webinars carried out keep increasing and are expected to increase with 70% in 2017.

High-profile clients

With a great number of institutions having signed for more than 10 webinars for 2017, the university of Helsinki, the Polytechnic University of Milan, the University of San Francisco, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the PolyU Design Hong Kong are just some of the prestigious institutions that have adopted the new smart marketing and recruitment method with Eindhoven University of Technology leading the way with the biggest number of webinars.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Kicking off on 2 November 2016 with the Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering, the Study Abroad Portal is organising 38 Online Open Days for the Dutch institution, 13 Bachelor and 25 Master programmes, introducing the most extensive webinar project worldwide. Cursor, the independent news site of the Eindhoven University, reports about the success.

First time you hear about this?

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