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VU University Amsterdam helps its students find accommodation in the Netherlands

Question and Answers 5 December 2016, 08:27

Dutch universities usually do not provide student accommodation in dorms. Students reside in regular apartments they find via universities or specialised websites. In the capital of the Netherlands there are must more students than rooms, and finding one often requires exceptional efforts.

Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDutch universities usually do not provide dorms for student accommodation. Most students reside in residential apartments they find through announcement boards at universities or via specialised rental websites. In Amsterdam, there are often more students than rooms available and finding accommodation usually requires exceptional efforts.

VU University Amsterdam provides its students with the opportunity to reserve a room before they come to the Netherlands. Students receive an accommodation offer via email once they complete the application procedure for their programme. By accepting this offer and paying the university’s housing fee deposit of €400, VU guarantees a room for one study year.

The deadline for paying the housing fee for the next academic year is June 1st, 2017. The fee may be refunded before July 11th if necessary, such as in the case that the student is not accepted into the programme.

The university guarantees a room for a fixed period for the school year. For the next academic year, this period is from the 19th of August, 2017 to the 14th of August, 2018. Students are required to pay the full rental price even if they arrive in Amsterdam later or leave earlier than the specified dates.

Room types and rental prices

VU University Amsterdam offers accommodation in furnished single rooms, with private or shared facilities. Depending on the type of dorm, students will share the kitchen, bathroom, and common living room with 4 to 13 other students.

Rental prices vary from €320 to €800 per month and include water, electricity, and internet services. For comparison, the cost of renting a room at a student hotel starts at €810 monthly. In 2015, the average rental price in Amsterdam for students was €410 per month, according to Elsevier magazine.

While VU does guarantee a room for students that accept the accommodation offer, the university cannot guarantee that this room will be the preferred type for each student. Due to high demand, the room received may be smaller or more expensive than expected when specifying preferred room type during the application. Starting the application well in advance and accepting the accommodation offer right away increases your chance to reserve the room type you prefer.

To see room descriptions, example photos, rental options, and view student feedback, please visit the VU university’s website (.pdf)

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