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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers new Master’s programmes in Humanities

Announcements Programmes 26 December 2016, 17:07

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam accept applications for the new Master’s programmes in Humanities, taught in English. The programmes take 2 years to complete and lead to an academic Master of Arts (MA) degrees.

VU Master's programmes in HumanitiesVrije Universiteit Amsterdam is accepting applications for its new English-taught Master’s programmes in Humanities. The programmes take 2 years to complete and lead to an academic Master of Arts (MA) degree.

These new Master’s research programmes in Humanities prepare students for scientific careers with international organisations. Students specialise in one of the following 4 fields:

  • Linguistics,
  • Critical Studies in Art & Culture,
  • Global History, and
  • Literature & Contested Spaces.

In addition, students choose an innovative theme to further develop their contemporary research skills.

The programme aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge and tools to pose innovative questions and explore social issues. Personal tutors support students throughout their study, making sure they also develop individually. The VU Graduate School of Humanities also arranges and helps to finance research stays and internships at international organisations.

To see more about programme specialisations and admission requirements, please visit the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam website.

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