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Fontys University offers international students Bachelor’s programmes for creative industries

Programmes 7 March 2017, 07:37

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, a part of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, offers three international Bachelor’s programmes. The school prepares students for careers in Lifestyle, Music and Event Management, and Digital Business Concepts. The programmes are taught in Tilburg and take 4 years to complete.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers three creativity-focused international Bachelor’s programmes through the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries. The school prepares students for careers in Lifestyle, Music and Event Management, and Digital Business Concepts fields. These programmes are taught in Tilburg and take 4 years to complete.

People strive to lead balanced lifestyles. Whether they want to be entertained or are looking for ways to become healthier, more stylish, or more social, many people search for products and services that will enhance their lives to help them achieve their goals.

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries focuses on teaching students the skills required to become highly-qualified specialists in lifestyle, digital, and creative fields. By understanding the complex relationship between creativity and business success, students will learn how to effectively create and manage products or services that are designed to appeal to, and improve the lives of, diverse audiences.

International Lifestyle Studies

Luna NijhuisA person’s quality of life depends on many factors including work, leisure, sports, health, food, and home environment. At Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, students research and find ways for various social groups to reach a balanced lifestyle.

By analysing trends and designing new products and services, Academy students in this programme aim to make people from all walks of life more energetic, healthier, and happier.

Luna Nijhuis is in her second year in the International Lifestyle Studies programme. Here is what she says about her time at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries:

“They train you to be an all-round professional. Writing, observing, examining and making magazines, everything joins together. In the end you are able to make something out of nothing. However, you have to work hard for it, and to me it’s worth the effort as it increases my opportunities for a job.

After graduation I shall be among the top in trend watching. I’ll be able to analyse the shift in values and standards in society, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. This is a place that matches my dream. I want to dig my heels in, I want to look at things, give my opinion and set people to think.

International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies

Jasper LeijtenThe International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies Bachelor’s programme aims to develop a comprehensive skillset in students. Aspects of the communication, music, entertainment, and event management disciplines will be focused on throughout this programme. The curriculum includes individual and group projects that are completed at partnering companies.

Jasper Leijten is in his fourth year of the IEMES programme. Looking back, he says the following about his time at Fontys:

“This is a place where great things happen and where students ‘do’ rather than learn. I got to know students who wouldn’t just settle for lectures and classes, but really wanted to find out things themselves.

I started the study as an open minded sixteen-year old youngster and I am the man that I am today because of all the things I have done: a minor in Australia, attending the Media Future Week, working at ‘Mysteryland’, organising the study trip to Prague, constantly looking for opportunities to improve myself.

Events bring out the best in me. It feels like a roller coaster: spiralling up, the climax, the thrill, the evaluation and then doing it all over again in a few months time.”

Digital Business Concepts

Rob CoolenDigital products have become increasingly popular in the last few years especially. Widespread access to personal devices and the advancement of technology has helped the industry grow, developing countless products that make people’s lives more entertaining and convenient. To meet growing demand, the industry needs creative people that are able to bring a product to market and make it successful.

Students of the DBC programme learn to design financially sound and effectively marketable concepts. These concepts result in products and services that work well in a challenging and ever-changing digital environment.

Rob Coolen is a third-year student at Fontys. Below, he explains why he applied for the DBC programme and points out who else should consider this study:

“I definitely wanted to do something commercial. Then I realised that most of the Commercial Economics educational programmes are very broad, while with DBC you specialise in one particular world—the online world. You combine commercial economics with the digital world.

I am working on a minor in Entrepreneurship. Last year, we won a prize with our start-up. This prize means that we receive support from a group of investors that work together with you to fine-tune and improve your start-up. They not only give you advice, but you also get a starting amount of €50,000 to realise your start-up.

DBC is appropriate for a student that is definitely commercial and creative, but who can also think outside the box. If you’re someone who likes digital developments, lean methods and the new way of doing business, then DBC is right for you.”

To read more about the programmes offered at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, please visit the school’s website.

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